i'm darkness and light, bubbles and faerie wings.
i am sparkles and glitter, shadows and clouds.
i love purple, and faeries, and books, and music.

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i’m just tired of all this

You know I hadn’t been to the ER in almost 4 years? That’s like a huge record for me. I have been doing so well health-wise and then this whatever-it-is had to happen. They’ve remodeled the ER and it is now confusing as to where you need to go first, Triage is sort of out of the way in a tiny little spot so you can’t really get there.

I had some attempts at food yesterday, I’m doing the baby food and pablum thing… and then I was feeling pretty good, not to mention STARVING and so I had two little pieces of raisin bread with butter and YUM.. but I think I ate too much yesterday (and honestly it wasn’t a lot.. it just was more than I should of I guess.. but did I mention how I was STARVING!?!) and now I feel like crap. All night my stomach was in knots. I don’t feel nauseous anymore (THANK GOODNESS!) but I am crampy and bloated and ugh. So I don’t know what to do today. I guess back to the babyfood fruit cups and liquid-type things. I really loved that raisin bread though… *drool*

What I really want is a sub from Mr Sub. Badly. I am even dreaming about it and it’s making me drool in my sleep. Ew. Seriously. When I can finally eat something more than a bowl of pablum I am SO getting a turkey sub on white bread with oil and vinegar from there damnit!

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