my muse,  the anomaly that is me

in my head

Sometimes you go round and round and round and round
spinning over and over in your head

but, why?
but, why?
but, why?

and it’s a slippery slope from one step to another to

but why…me?
        why me?

because there are no reasons for randomness. there’s no rhyme to spontanieous events.
unless it was your own decision to make a stupid mistake (and oh, how I’ve made some)
then you’re stuck suffering the consequence.

don’t get sucked into the why-me-trap
so they say
you’ll never find answers to questions without them
but over and over
that’s all you can hear
over and over
it feeds the fear

you can be safe. you can be kind. you can be thoughtful. you can be good.
but between one heartbeat and the next
everything you know can be undone

but why me? you’ll never know
but why me? don’t dwell on that now
but why me? that’s all I hear

funny how one single moment in time
can change you

who am I now?

but why
but why
but why

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