i'm darkness and light, bubbles and faerie wings.
i am sparkles and glitter, shadows and clouds.
i love purple, and faeries, and books, and music.

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In My Mailbox #52 – The Happy New Year Edition & Bookshelf Sneak Peek

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Blogging friends sent me books for Christmas and I am so touched by this. Thank you.

Kristi @ The Story SirenUnearthly by Cynthia Hand, Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke’s Heart by Sarah MacLean, Geist by Phillippa Ballantine

Erica @ The Book CellarDark Mirror & Dark Passage by M.J. Putney

And I left out the books sent by my Sneaky Book Faerie friend because I thought I’d written about them here already, alas, it appears I did not, so here’s a photo. I even edited out those parts because I was SURE I’d already featured them. Oops.

To all of my wonderful friends – I adore you to pieces! Hopefully 2012 will see us all together in the same place at the same time! It looks like it might actually happen. Who knows? 😉

EDITED TO ADD: Gah! I totally forgot to link Molly’s Esty shop! So here you go! I urge you check it out, she’s fantastic at making the shiny. @_@

12 comments to In My Mailbox #52 – The Happy New Year Edition & Bookshelf Sneak Peek

  • I really need to read Sarah MacLean’s books. I hope you enjoy Dark Passage and Dark Mirror – I couldn’t decide what to get, but then I had JUST finished those so I was like OMG I NEED TO BUY THESE FOR CAT! They are fabulous fantasy 🙂 I love your book shelf tour 🙂

    • Cat

      I am so happy! They have been on my radar for a while but then I’d always forget the title/author when I’d buy books. I’m horrible like that. I’d go look up wishlist stuff on GR and get sidetracked by other books I wanted. too many books to remember in this old brain of mine! :mrgreen:

  • Oh my gosh! I love how jubilant you are! I just added you on Goodreads. Hope you accept!

    You got great books this week! 😀 I’m glad you enjoyed Unearthly. I did, too! I hope you enjoy its sequel, too!

    Here’s my IMM: http://bookworm-teen.blogspot.com/2012/01/in-my-mailbox-11-new-years-edition.html

    • Cat

      You just made my day by calling me jubilant! I don’t think I have ever had that word to describe me before. :mrgreen: Thank you!

  • Yay Kristi!
    Yay Erica!

    OMG those bunnies are adorable!

    Happy 2012 to you too darling!

    Hot iPod case!

    Is that Grumpy bear? LOVE him!

    • Cat

      Yep, it’s Grumpy! I have a few Grumpys around. They used to be a Valentine’s gift theme. I have one over my desk at work, too. It’s a card though. It’s supposed to scare people away but it doesn’t seem to work. No one believes I’m really a Grump. Hmm,

  • Kristi and Erica are the best and I’m glad to know them! Yay for the kindness of others.

    ALSO The Naming looks legit, I can’t wait to see your thoughts on that one.

    Happy New Year! Again, I think!

    • Cat

      I am totally trying to come up with a plan to help me figure out what books to read first. I now have so many awesome ones I want to read them all at the same time. I’m in panic mode! 😉

  • How kind of Erica and Kristi to give you books for Christmas 🙂 They all look amazing! I got a couple of books from some blogging friends as well. It was a wonderful surprise. Like you my family or hubby doesn’t by me books either(I’m thinking it as something to do with my overflowing shelf).

    I think I may love you a little for mentioning the name of that awesome little recorder thingy. I’ve wanted one of those but didn’t know what kind it was. Now I just have to find out if those are available here in Norway.

    • Cat

      One warning about the Flip camera – I was researching them, got one and then came home only to see that the flip website was changed and the company is no longer making them. They will continue to offer tech support until December 2013, but the product is done. I was somewhat bummed about that and had I seen the site change (must have been in the week before Christmas) I would have looked into getting a different one. I just wanted something that was compatible with my mac and not super expensive. 🙁

  • I love Kristi! And I loved Unearthly! Awesome haul! <3

    Xpresso Reads

  • Oh yay, By These Ten Bones! I love Clare B. Dunkle – have you read her Hollow Kingdom trilogy?