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Oh, Blog. I feel like I have abandoned you. Do not worry, I have not purposely ignored you, I seem to have some sort of wacky, crazy social life now that I never had. Turns out that after my Year of Doing Things the world seems to think that I should continue Doing Things.

I do  not entirely approve of this.

But it’s happening and I guess I have to suck it up and start planning the Doing Things Downfall wherein I no longer Do Things and I have much less of a life than I currently have.

In the time that has passed since my last post I happened to have had a birthday. It was an entire weekend of food, family, friends and a whole lot of cake. So. Much. Cake.

The Friday of my birthday weekend, my boss organized a little birthday potluck lunch for me. I was very touched by the generosity of my coworkers and how much I am apparently cared about at the office. It truly meant a lot to  me and I didn’t even want to do much for my birthday this year. The potluck included delicious cupcakes, of which I had two. It was my Work Birthday, I could. I also got this amusing little musical card that had a sparkly pig in a tutu on the cover. It made me laugh so much.

Turns out when I got home and opened my mail, someone else also had the sparkly pig in a tutu card idea.

Seriously! What are the odds of getting to sparkly-pig-in-a-tutu cards for your birthday when you have absolutely no connection to pigs at all? This amused me greatly. I am wondering if it’s some sort of unwritten 35th birthday rule?

Friday after work I headed to my parents’ place for my birthday dinner – roast beef, mashed potatoes (with sweet potato!), and Mommy Cake. I still have two pieces of that cake left this weekend! It was an amazing dinner and I received my traditional Birthday Toilet Paper gift. I would post a photo of that except I don’t have copies. (*cough*MOTHER*cough*).

When I finally got home that night, aside from the pig card, I found this on the table.

What a lovely surprise! I wasn’t expecting anything else on the Friday. And I had a tingling suspicion that I might have gotten FLOWERS for my birthday!

I did! Yay! I get them so rarely that flowers make me super happy.

I also got a very sweet card that made me cry (what’s with being so emotional now that I am 35? Gah!) and this lovely new watch to replace my held-together-with-tape-and-hair elastics old watch.

Saturday I slept, took a nap and then had my best friends Elise & Maureen (and their respective men) over for pizza and games. The plan was to play Cranium and Apples to Apples, but Apples to Apples took up the remainder of the evening we had so much fun!  Maureen even made me this amazing birthday cake!

It was so purple and sparkly and stars! It was even too much cake for me! I couldn’t finish the piece I took. Boy was it delicious. And I think Maureen is the only one to ever Out-Cake me!

There was more sleeping and napping for my actual birthday on the Sunday and then we were off to my inlaws’ for a delicious dinner of filet mignon (done on the BBQ in -30C weather!), shrimp and scallops and.. yes… MORE CAKE! Good heavens.

So. Much. Cake.

And I was told this wasn’t made for my birthday, but I am still in love with it.

My sister dropped this tote bag off on Saturday morning. It was sewn by her and painted by Lilly, my 4-year old niece. I love it to pieces. The Instagram image skews the colours a little, it’s quite bright purple and I adore it! I love how Lilly is standing under the rainbow. I shall now be using this bag for my dance class attire.

I had a great weekend. It was low key and full of food but I was surrounded by people I love the most and that is actually what I cherish the most when I think about it.

I took Monday off from work to digest all that food and cake. 😉 I had a migraine though so I didn’t go to dance class. I only got in one of my Body Design classes this week because of the migraine but I did go to Trivia night (we came in 5th and won a prize!) on Tuesday and then Wednesday I went to the opening night of our faculty’s Opera production (La Boheme) which was a fantastic production – even if I will NEVER like Operatic singing ever.

Thursday night I was so tired I was in bed by 8pm and slept almost the entire night straight (rare for me) with my migraine the worst of the week, and last night I didn’t do a thing except veg on the couch. I went to bed after 9PM but I didn’t get out of bed this morning until after 10:15 AM! I really must have been exhausted.

According to my Wii Fit I went down 1.5Kg in the last 2 weeks. I don’t know how accurate that is, but I do know I was able to buy a pair of jeans a size smaller on Monday. Between dance and Body Design I hope to healtify my body some more. My Wii fit age FINALLY dropped from the 50s to 29 this morning. I didn’t get snarked at by the infernal program for once, although it isn’t happy that I am obese. 😉

And now? I might nap before choir practice. I don’t know… or read because I don’t think I have enough napping time. Drat.

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  • envoyette

    Oh Cat, what a wonderful celebration over the weekend! You know, if you visit me, you’ll see that MY husband totally forgot my 46 birthday, which resulted in me smacking him in the head. Then I come here and get to share your SPECTACULAR birthday with him and watch him grimace for being such an oaf. That was totally worth it! So THANKS for sharing! So glad you got a great weekend, that I could rub my husband’s nose in!

  • I see I’ve missed quite a bit. Happy belated birthday! Good on ‘ya for joining the Body Design class; I believe in the four years I was at McGill I climbed up to the gym once to play a single game of racquetball and once to write an exam. I dislike hills. Anyway, I hope that you DO continue Doing Things this year. It’s your year, after all, wise rabbit.

  • Happy birthday! I love that you were so inundated by cake and Good Things (including sparkly tutu pigs). 😀