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hourly christmas – part 1

It’s been a rough year but we still managed to find the joy in Christmas morning. Sure our Christmas Eve was spent eating Kraft Dinner on the couch while (re)watching the first two episodes of the 5th season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer but really, what else was there to do? This evening we’ll head over to my in-laws’ for Christmas dinner and more gifts, but so far we’ve had a pretty relaxing and happy Christmas morning here.

I thought I’d do a photo an hour today and have been posting them on Instagram. I have taken many other photos, too and even took the passcode lock off my phone to allow easier access to my camera without having to log in each time and miss the photo op. heh

I haven’t been sleeping (again) and so I managed to catch a couple of hours between 6 and 9 am. I left Shawn sleeping and put on my Christmas jammies to come down and let the dogs out. I need new Christmas pj bottoms because these are a) falling off and b) pretty much worn through in the thighs. Alas. I loved these Snoopy Christmas pants.

We were through with presents by about 10:30. We had our lovely Netflix streaming fireplace (with Christmas music!) playing in the background as we exchanged gifts. We learned that Sophie is scared of all things Christmas. She might be curious about a lot, but I guess she’s just a Grinchy when it comes to Christmas anything. Jinx was VERY curious and especially excited about his stocking.

Once again Shawn surprised me with some awesome fun t-shirts. I don’t think many of my In Person friends will get the references to two of them, but internet-savvy friends probably will. Gotta love the doge meme and Krieger from Archer. The purple shirt, well, that’s just self-explanatory and rather autobiographical.

I’d be remiss if I made cards for everyone else and left out my darling husband. Much glitter was used in this card making process because… GLITTER!

He got me a Finnish Lapphund card! Thanks Finnish Lapphund Club of Victoria for making such cute cards!

Super duper exciting – I am going to see the Nutcracker on Sunday!!

I have never seen this ballet live. I remember watching it on PBS when I was a kid. I think Baryshnikov was in it or something? We’re going to the last performance on December 29. I can’t wait to dress pretty and watch people be all magical on stage!

Also exciting – I got my Ever After High book. Yay! I’m still having way too much fun for a person in their late 30s to have on their website. But LOOK HOW PRETTY THIS BOOK IS!!!

Stickers (yay, doge! And Alice in Wonderland!) and a new agenda (better photo further down this post) and some exciting new shirts. I am a happy camper!

I also got a FitBit Force – which I am currently wearing. I am looking forward to tracking my LACK OF sleep. And steps. Although since I had it charged and started wearing it, I have gone about 70 steps. Mostly I have been on the couch. *cough*

Jinx and Sophie are pretty tuckered out and we haven’t even left for my in-laws’ yet. Sophie spent a lot of this morning trying to hide from Christmas things and Jinx spent much of the morning trying to see what all of the Christmas things WERE.

I like this new stocking, Daddy. Can I play with it?

Wookie Stocking! This will be Shawn’s new stocking from now on but this year it was a surprise. I filled it with goodies and then wrapped it up and put it in a bag.

Stocking goodies! Doctor Who sticky notes (I might steal some Dalek ones…) and a Mjölnir bottle opener! Possibly only Thor will be worthy enough to open beer in our house from now on.

It’s very heavy. Surprisingly heavy. Good thing I don’t drink beer.

And lastly, my shiny new agenda!

I even made a little ribbon bookmark for it. (Thank you double-sided tape!) I have also added in all of the appointments and birthday coming up. I’m a little bit nervous switching to a calendar year agenda since I have been so used to Academic year ones, but something about this one just spoke to me so LOUDLY when I was in the store shopping for Shawn. I thought about it for three days and went BACK to the store to look at it again. That’s when I told Shawn I think I needed it for Christmas. I had been dreaming of it since then so I was super excited to open it up today. Time to add all my stickers and birthday notes to it. But I spent about 40 minutes adding to it this afternoon.

And now I’m at 3pm and I haven’t taken a photo yet, but I’m going to go get dressed and ready to go to my in-laws’ for Christmas Part 2! I get to see my parents in 3 days and I’m looking forward to that!

I hope you’re having a lovely Christmas, too! A lot of people needed something good to happen this year and I wish you all the best day ever with loved ones.

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  • Marilyn Healy

    I enjoyed your day too. Thanks for sharing. You and Shawn are just perfect for each other.

    Love you both!