i'm darkness and light, bubbles and faerie wings.
i am sparkles and glitter, shadows and clouds.
i love purple, and faeries, and books, and music.

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it’s october! boo!

Why, yes! At some point when I wasn’t looking it changed from September to October. That boo! in the title, isn’t to express displeasure, rather it’s a ghosty type boo!

Earlier this week I thought about how I should probably change my blog theme and I went into my files to see what I did last year, only to discover that I was just as bummed out last year as this year (though, really, I think this year wins) and I didn’t even make a new Halloween theme for my blog! Gah! Thankfully, I have all this free time because of my sick leave (although, I wish I had the free time when I was HEALTHY, because that way I could DO things like clean the house, organize my books and clothes, etc. Alas.) and while I could sit for a while, I tried to whip up a new header. This proved to be challenging because all my original files were in Paint Shop Pro format and I couldn’t open them in Photoshop Elements. Bummer. I managed to get my old laptop Molly working long enough to figure out that I could export those images to photoshop ones and then transfer them to my macbook.

The result is above. I really like my little faerieCat graphic and I needed to include her in this header as normal. Even if my hair isn’t anything close to that colour anymore. (I wonder if I can fiddle with the colours in PSE?)

I also just discovered Google Fonts this weekend and OH MY GOSH! Where has this been all my life!? This is a sneaky way to make sure that the title fonts all look a like on different computers. This should look the same to everyone. I have tried it on my mac and on Shawn’s pc. Hopefully it’ll work.

Yeah, that’s it for me. Not an exciting post but I had to christen my favourite month with a blog post on the first day!

Sadly, this is about as festive as I am feeling at the moment. All my Halloween decorations will remain in boxes for now. I would have to clean so much of the house to have room to put them out and I just can’t. I can’t move without pain and I’m not about to exert myself just for decorations (sorry JammieJ!) Also, the little storage room under the stairs that houses all the decorations is currently behind a large washer and dryer from when we had ours replaced. The old ones are still in the basement, blocking off that room. No way I am moving all of that, or having Shawn do it since I don’t feel like decorating.

I wish we could just get a break from misery so I would be feeling more like myself and want to celebrate the month of October with my usual gusto. Sadly, that’s just not happening this year. I shall live through my festive blog theme for the meanwhile.

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