january 2021 bullet journal setup

In late 2017, while watching way too many YouTube videos about watercolour Christmas cards, I discovered something called bullet journaling. Now, this idea wasn’t new, but it was new to me. I had always had some sort of hard copy planner (except for my one failed attempt at trying to note important dates electronically. Turns out if I don’t physically write something down, I won’t remember it.)

In 2014 my best friend, Monkey, introduced me to the Happy Planner, and an entire world on YouTube devoted to people decorating their planners with stickers and washi tape. Hello to my new tribe!

Now, the Happy Planner was fantastic, and I had multiple ones. A classic sized one, which sat on my craft desk, and a mini one that I kept in my bag. But I ended up decorating the heck out of it to match my own moods and colour scheme ideas. Although it’s easily decorated, the layout remains the same week after week.

So when I tumbled down the rabbit hole of videos dedicated to a bullet journal, I was HOOKED. This format of planning combined the agenda stuff I needed, AND art journaling (not required, but for someone who needs a creative outlet…) was just what I needed. I didn’t realize how much at the time.

I never thought I’d still be using a bullet journal four years later. I just started my 7th notebook this year, and in the spirit of trying something new every new year, I thought I’d try my hand at recording my own bujo setup video. It’s nothing professional. And it seems that it exported in SD and not the HD that I thought it was going to be (grr) but, hey, learning curves. I’ll try this again for February and see how I like it. Mostly, I’m just happy to have this creative outlet every week to help me with my anxiety, depression, and stress.

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