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january thaw

I didn’t realize how suffocated all this snow was making me feel until the thaw that’s happened in the past 36 hours. We are at 10C, with lots of rain, and so much of that snow has vanished. We have streets again. Sidewalks. Like, actual asphalt and cement. Suddenly I find myself breathing easier.

This has been one of the most wintery winters we have had in years. I know this because I always write about my winters on this here blog, or, on FB. (Thanks for being helpful about SOMETHING, FB memories!)  I clearly recall being dumbfounded at the start of December 2006 , while living with my in-laws, by the thunderstorm we had at that time of year (whoa, hey! That was MID-December! My memory is already going and I’m not even 42 yet!). That sort of weather was unheard of around these parts. However, that mild December slowly became the norm. In the past 5 years we’ve even had  some green christmases. UNHEARD OF for my neck of the woods.

Or, at least, they used to be unheard of. Now it’s…the new normal? *insert political sciencey argument here*

Our first winter in this house (2007-2008) had very heavy snowfall. In March 2008 we had snowbanks that towered over my 6’1 husband on his birthday, mid-month. That first winter we did our own driveway clearing by shovel. Never again. We invested in a snow removal company every year since. The following March on the same date, we had green grass, leaves on the tree, and flowers blooming. (though the snow fell again by the end of that month. As it is wont to do.)

Weather, you fickle, fickle beast.

I used to love winter. I am a winter baby. I am (used to be) used to -35C type temperatures around my birthday. It was a tradition. (Weird one to have, but, hey!) As the winter warmed up over the years I have become less of a winter fan, and yet, the milder winters have been harder for me to deal with. I think because it means we tend to have more ICE instead of snow. I can’t handle  ice. I am terrified I am going to fall and break every bone in my body. Or get into a major car accident. Ice is NOT fun, yo.

But this year, we’ve had constant snow since day one of the first official day of Winter. Per some stats I just googled, Montreal has received just under 100cm of snow so far since the first of November.

We have about 15-25cm predicted for tomorrow.

This certainly isn’t our snowiest winter. But it feels a lot closer to the winters of my youth (because I am OLD  and ANCIENT per many of the young adult novels I have read recently.)

This is, however, one of our coldest winters in a looooong time. Those -30C temperatures aren’t generally a December thing. Those are reserved  for mid-January, through February. So all that snow we got didn’t melt. It just got harder, and squeakier. (If you have ever walked on snow when it’s REALLY cold, you’ll understand the Snow Squeak. I don’t know how to explain it to anyone who hasn’t experienced it.)

That squeak isn’t a December sound though. It’s a January/February sound. It was too weird hearing it at Christmas.

But we’ve had rain the past two days. Snow has melted enough that in some places you can see grass peeking out. It’s a brief respite from the muffled, squeaky, hurts-to-breathe-it’s-so-cold winter we have had the past 40+ days.

You know it’s not going to last, but it’s a nice break to have before you start up on your remaining 2+ months of winter.

I needed this thaw, as I am sure so many others did, too.

Especially since I think we’re going to be covered in snow through the month of April. I feel as though that’s how this winter weather is going to go.

It will make me appreciate our 48 hours of spring before summer kicks  in, that’s for sure. What I am not looking forward to is tonight’s drive home from work in the freezing rain. Thankfully I don’t have to go anywhere this weekend. Woo!




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