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jinx discovers the bathroom sink

jinx and the sink Jinx loves running water. He doesn’t like to get wet, but he loves to try and bute water when it runs. Occasionally he’ll bark at it too. Not sure what that accomplishes, but it’s sure cute. And now we know Jinx is a Big Boy because he can reach the bathroom sink.

what's going on up here? He really is a cutie. Yesterday while I was getting ready for bed and brushing my teeth, Jinx came in and sat in the bathroom like he tends to do. Normally he just checks out the bathtub to make sure there is no one hiding behind the shower curtain and to make sure the water isn’t running without his knowledge (he’s like a Water Inspector or something). I don’t know what sparked his interest this time, but suddenly I had a puppy head besie me as I was rising my mouth.

can i have the water, mummy? Jinx doesn’t quite reach the spout yet, but I am sure he’ll get there once he stops growing. He was fascinated by the running water. He got all excited and ran in and out of the bathroom as I turned the water on and off. His little tail was wagging with all its might. It was funny. I had to whisper frantically to Shawn to get the camera, because if I moved, the moment would be lost.

food? He was certainly interested in my little collection of rubber duckies. I have two small ones and a bigger one. They squeaked and we all know how much Jinx LOVES things that squeak. Water and squeaky toys! Oh, boy!

i love toys! My bad for showing him the frog with the soap. I didn’t realize he was licking the soap until after I clicked the photo. I honestly thought he couldn’t reach it. I didn’t take into account how smart he is and how long his tongue is!

YUM! He liked the frog a little too much. I took it away from him and don’t worry, he only got about three licks in. All little boys need their mouths washed out with soap at least once in their lives. He’s been awfully cheeky and trying to lick Annie’s unmentionables, he needed a washing anyhow!

water, please Jinx was trying so hard to sniff the drain but he couldn’t reach it. He wanted to know where the water went and the drain was making really cool noises. My goodness could this puppy be any cuter??

puppy paw There is something about this photo that I really love. I like how there is just this one little puppy paw sneaking up on the water spout.

I feel safer knowing that Jinx is here to protect me from both the shower and the bathroom sink now. Water can be tricky and dangerous, I have Jinx looking out for me when I am in there. He’s such a brave and protective boy! 


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