jinx puppy turned nine

Fancy dress for his birthday dinner

Somehow, Jinx Puppy has grown up. It’s like we’ve blinked and he got old. But he’s not old. Yet, on February 28, 2014, our little puppy turned 9-years old! Shawn and I spent the last week of February shaking our heads in disbelief. This little guy – the best wedding gift ever! – was only 4 months old when we met him. How did he grow up so fast?

Looking through photos, I noticed that he celebrated his third birthday in this house. This also means we’ve had the house a long time. Not to mention the fact that we’ll be married nine years come July.


Next year will be 10.


Shawn and I both still think of Annie as being 7 years old and yet it’s been three years since we lost her. Jinx will forever be our Puppy. Our gentleman puppy. Protector of All Things Proper.

Are you really trying to take a selfie with me? Do you want to be THAT person?

Jinxy sleeps a lot now. He also snores very loudly. He limps a little when he gets up from one of his naps, as I think his hips are possibly bothering him when it’s damp. Once outside, he’ll happily romp around with Sophie in the snow (he loves to pull her tail) but he’ll quickly plop himself down at the bottom of the stairs, in the snow, and chomp away on pieces of ice he has found.

He’s not as spry or sure-footed as he used to be, and really, most of these changes have happened in the last year. Funny how that can happen.

Don’t panic, Mummy. I’m right here. I just need a little more blanket though…

As much as Jinx loves his comforts, and pretty much all of my fuzzy blankets, these days, he’s always there when I desperately need some love. If I’m crying, or really sick, and if I’m having an anxiety attack (as I often do these days) he’ll be right there. Next to me. He’s not a huge snuggler, not like Sophie. But when he knows I need that extra comfort, Jinx is there. He’ll put his paw on me, or sneak his head into (or at least, squished up right next to) my lap. He’ll beg me for pets and snuggles by pulling at my arm with his paw. He’s sensitive and caring. He’s my protector. He’s my comfort.

Wild party times for Jinx’s 9th birthday!

My little boy is technically a senior now, but he’ll always be our puppy. He looks like a puppy and most of the time acts like a puppy (a very well behaved one!) What a weird reality to accept!

Happy birthday, Billionaire Jinx Puppy! There were no party hats, just a nice tie. I know how much you like things to be proper. I love you, you big goofus.

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