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jinx’s garden 2013 edition

Jinx’s Ghetto Garden, 2013

Oh, hello there! I assure you I have not fallen off the face of the earth, nor did the jogging kill me (although I haven’t gone out since the last jogging post). I have been extremely busy and exhausted when I am not working and then away for a long weekend so I haven’t had time to run, blog or do anything. I did get a ton of books read on the train though.  I just needed to turn off the internet for a while.

This is a long weekend in Canada and “traditional” planting time if you live on my coast – even so, it’s still a little cold at night and I am not certain how my – er, Jinx’s tomatoes will fare. This morning Shawn and I went out to the farmer’s market and picked up my (Jinx’s) plants for the garden this year. I managed to get it all done before the rain started to pour down. Score!

I already know the tomato plants I get from this vendor at the market turn out splendidly, so I hope they do again. Once more I got one tomato and one cherry tomato plant. Since Shawn doesn’t like tomatoes and my neighbour sold his house, I won’t have as many people to share them with. (Other than my sister, of course!) Last year I bought six little english cucumber sprouts and ended up with cucumber out the wazoo (much to Jinx’s delight! He might hate tomatoes, but he LOVES his coocumbers). I only got one carton of sprouts this year, but there were 4 rather than three. Let’s see how that goes.

Due to the abysmal experience with the sweet peppers last year, I knew I wasn’t going to attempt those again. But I’m still going to try something new – broccoli and celery. I have no idea how these will turn out, but I am determined to grow my own veggies darn-it-all! I don’t like lettuce or cabbage enough to try those (and they attract earwigs. *shudder*) but I do like fresh broccoli and I will eat celery if it’s fresh. So, we’ll see.

This year I really need to make a sign for the garden. I hope Jinx takes as much pleasure from it as he did last year. He was quite excited when I brought the plants through the house. I also hope the garden does well again this year. I don’t have the best planting area – a lot of rocks under that soil. =/


  • Sara

    I hope your garden turns out good :), I am attempting from seeds instead of plants since they were cheaper but I don’t have much hope since my dog likes to trample the garden :(.

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