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jinx’s garden

On May 12 I bought plants at the Farmer’s Market and planted a little garden in the back yard.

Happiness in green.

I bought one tomato plant, one cherry tomato plant, one box with some green pepper sprouts, one with red peppers, two tiny English cucumber sprouts and some herbs: cilantro, parsley, mint, basil, lemon thyme and, um, one other I can’t think of right now. Oops.

Generally it’s not safe to plant anything before our long-weekend in May, which was the weekend AFTER I planted. I took a chance though because the long-term forecast looked hot and sunny.

Such tiny little green things. May 21.

Two weeks after I planted, I repotted the tomato plants and added extra earth to the “garden” plot. I was worried about my regular tomatoes because I’d gone too long between getting it and finding a bigger pot to plant it in. Thankfully it came back to life.


I water the little garden every night that it doesn’t rain. After dinner I’d go out and hose the garden for 15 or so minutes to make sure the earth stayed moist and delicious for those plants. Then I started to notice something…

This is my garden, Mummy.

Jinx would also come out and do the rounds with me. He was very protective of this little garden. He’d follow me from plant to plant as I inspected, pruned and weeded. Once he’d finish inspecting the plants himself (each one) he’d sit back and allow me to water them. This wasn’t MY garden anymore. Not at all.

*snuffle* Everything looks good, here. All systems, go!

Every single evening, Jinx did his rounds before I’d water the plants. Sometimes afterwards, too. He doesn’t eat, nibble or destroy the plants, in fact, he even checked on the cucumber plants right after Sophie flattened them earlier this month. He was quite concerned.

It’s ok, little plant! Do you need mouth to mouth resuscitation?

And then he checked out all of his plants to make sure they were coming along…

Herbs? Doin’ ok!

Tomatoes? Growing just fine!

Jinx assured me that I could go away to NYC for a week and he’d watch over the garden for me. It was safe to leave the garden in his paws. (With the help of Shawn, of course, since Jinx hasn’t yet figured out how to use the hose.)

On my honour, Mummy, I will try to be the best Lappie Gardener you have ever known!

And boy did he do a great job! After 7 full days away from home, I came back to see that the plants in the garden had doubled in size!

Jinx done good. June 9

The cucumber plants have now taken over the garden. The cilantro is almost might height. I have two tomatoes and a handful of cherry tomatoes almost ripe and there are even little peppers on the pepper plants. Every night, Jinx patrols the garden and whenever I go check on things his tail wags ever so excitedly and he prances around the small plot and checks on the plants himself.

Jinx, the Proud Gardener

My sweet little 7-year old pup has found himself a new hobby. I have no idea where this has come from. He HATES tomatoes, but pays attention to the plants. He’s never shown any interest in the single tomato plants I have had in the past on my deck. He doesn’t wander through my father-in-law’s garden (though Sophie does. She doesn’t pay attention to this one at all!). Obviously he’s loving the smell of the cucumber plants because they are the ones he pays special attention to. He’s so PROUD when he walks through the garden.

This isn’t even MY garden anymore. This is Jinx’s garden and I’m just the one with the ability to turn the hose on and off. He LOVES playing in the hose, too. He’ll chase the water when I put it on jet stream and bites at it.

The happy gardener.

I think I’ll have to hit up the Dollar store and pick up some craft supplies to make a sign for the garden. It will obviously say “Jinx’s Garden” because he’s quite protective of it. I will admit, he’s certainly got a green paw, because this garden is coming along just splendidly!

Six weeks after planting, we’re getting somewhere!

Who knows? Maybe Jinx will actually eat some tomato when they ripen since he’s spent all this time growing them. I’m sure he’ll want to sample his spoils once we pick them off the plants! I personally can’t wait for those tomatoes to be ready!

I’ll bet none of you have a pet who gardens. I wonder if I should set Jinx up with a little veggie stall in the Farmer’s Market. People would probably be impressed with a Doggie Gardener, no?

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