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just ask me how!

LOSE 10 POUNDS IN JUST 5 DAYS! It’s FAST! It’s EFFECTIVE! You’ll look BETTER than you have in YEARS!

…some side effects may be having to spend 17 hours in the ER with an IV in your arm.


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  • Cat

    I am ok(ish) today. I got home at 1:30 this morning, after having Shawn drive me to the ER at 6:30 *yesterday* morning. I swear that I have never thrown up as much as I did between 6:Pm and midnight last night. Hell, one of the main reasons I was there *with* the IV was because I couldn’t keep WATER DOWN. So, dude? I cant drink that entire freaking bottle of stuff to have the CT scan of my stomach, OK? I drank one glass and started heaving… so they gave me gravol and it did nothing. The CT scan people said, ok, we’ll do the iodine dye thing and can you drink this water? Um.. NO! But I drank it.. so after that? Yeah, not so much fun.. then I started upchucking the dye. Whee!

    Finally made them send me home at one in the morning, since the conclusion was that I had a virus (that has lasted over 6 WEEKS and gotten progressively WORSE) I might as well suffer at home since the ER was overcrowded and I was having a panic attack. (They asked if I had recently been on holiday to a strange country… Nope.. last thing I did was go to Upper Canada Village.. so maybe I DO have a Plague of Yore).

    Not my finest hours, let me tell you.

  • {{{{{{{huggles}}}}}}}}}

    Piper sends (gentle and non-allergenic) head butts

  • Damn, Cat. You really don’t fuck around when you get sick, huh?

  • i’m so sorry cat. your experience sounds a lot like kelly’s a few years back. right down to the panic attack due to overcrowdedness. i’m so sorry that you’re not feeling well. if there’s anything i can do, let me know!

  • Poor cat, I have had a similar thing – actually in SF in 2005. Was so sick I had to cancel my visit with Mel Mega. But yeah, I lost around 10 pounds in a week, same reason. It’s hell on Earth so I wish you well and a speedy recovery.