i'm darkness and light, bubbles and faerie wings.
i am sparkles and glitter, shadows and clouds.
i love purple, and faeries, and books, and music.

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just call me Lobster Cat

When I get too warm and feel like I am boiling… I turn red. My arms, my face, my neck and my legs.. all red. Not sunburnt, no. Just red like a boiled lobster. Whee. Fun.

It is so bloody warm in my office, in the building actually, that I feel sick. Apparently we’re getting airconditioners at some point. I WANT IT NOW DAMNITALL!!! I hate heat. HATE! HATE! HATE! And humidity! GO AWAY!

The inlaws have turned the central a/c on, but they have it down so low that you can’t tell it’s on and you can’t feel the cold. Or so I think. According to them I am wrong. My mil actually had the heat on last night in the downstairs bathroom while she took her shower because she was too cold. I was sitting in the basement in a tank top and cut offs and no shoes and I was WARM. Sleeping isn’t going so well either. Sigh. I’ll get through this… I will be happy when my little office window is taken up by a huge air conditioner.

So in the Cat is Brilliant news… I sent out an email last week to a bunch of professors letting them know they can pick up some stuff in my office at their “earliest continence”.

Oh, dear.

I didn’t even realize this until one of them phoned me today and laughed about it. Oopsie. Stupid spell checker… I thought I chose the right word. I always spell convienience wrong.

I will go hide under my desk for a bit now.. it’s probably cooler there anyhow.

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  • Sorry about the heat! I am a terrible speller! (all the time!) If I could have a Do-Over in my life, I would study, study spelling! Of course, I’m lazy, so I probably wouldn’t do it then either! I would still marry Hubby though!

  • carolyn

    Hate summer 👿 Hate heat 👿 Hate humidity 👿
    Can’t we have Fall all year? Well except for the week of Christmas when we’ll have winter. Ya think?

  • Bah ha ha ha ha. Oh my. Sorry… that would be horrible if it were ME that sent out the email… but since it’s you, I’ll just smile. 😉

    (Now watch – I’ll send out a MAJOR flub this week too… karma you know). Hee hee.

    My co-worker once sent an email out to a very respected official and the spellcheck changed her name to Ms. Hootchie.


  • Sorry you are miserable.

  • One time, one of my co-workers got an e-mail from somebody. It advised him that his error had really incontinenced her. We weren’t sure whether she should call the doctor or the upholstery cleaner first.

  • Amy

    Sometimes, I think we’d be better off without spell checks. Then, I browse blogs and realize it is so very needed.