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I have 15 mins left. I think I’m going to die.

That might be because I ate almost an entire box of chocolates with caramel in them. Oops. They were a gift at the end of the day on our last day of work in December. We opened them today. I ate most of one row in the box.


But at the time, they made me happy. Well, as happy as I could be. Mostly I was just eating them to be spiteful. heh.

I’m not really a big chocolate fan. I used to be, never really a huge fan, but I would eat it. A lot. Now? Can’t be bothered. I don’t think I like the taste much anymore.

Everyone knows I’m mostly vanilla anyhow. hee!

My loving husband will be here shortly to pick me up and bring me home. He’s working late shift the rest of this week so I’ll not be seeing him much until the weekend. Did I mention this already on here? I can’t remember. Ah,well. I am glad I am getting a lift home because my tummy hurts. Stupid chocolate overdose!

What I was working on after five was all fucked up. Pardon my language, but it’s really the only way to describe it. If you get a list that says “ignore everything that is NOT in white” you’d think that you’d only have to data entry the white lines, right? Well, no. And if it was just reversed, say I had to enter only the lines highlighted in orange, then, fine. I could do that. But, no. I just had to go through THREE PAGES of ISBNs to see which ones were and were not on the database so that I could enter those that weren’t. This are small print excel reports.. so that’s a lot of bloody work. Did I get the stuff entered? Hell, no! I got through ONE page out of three. Then there were 15 mins left and I feel like crap so I am stopping. I’ll do the rest tomorrow. I will also crab at the people who gave me this and tell them their instructions suck. (ha! I shall crab goodnaturedly as these are good coworkers…)

Seriously though. This semester is sucking BIG time.

I’m still feeling bitchy. Poor Shawn. heh. I’ll try to be nice to him tonight. Unless he ate all the chicken strips. He’d better not have. Grrr.

Oh.. and we have a parcel waiting at the post office for us! Yay! I can get it tomorrow.. I am pretty sure that THIS time it’s from Cindy!


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