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just what the heck does a pancreas do anyway?

Not everyone gets to spend a Saturday like I do. I know how to live it up and find excitement in every nook and cranny (what the hell is a cranny??).

I had made plans with my Mum a few weeks ago to go visit this woman who does BodyTalk. She is the wife of a Professor who works with my Mum. She also does Tarot readings and other psychic readings or something or other. She also does psychotherapy and I have to tell you that even before she told us that I was sitting there, in the room thinking “wow, her voice is so calming, she’d be an awesome therapist!”. Anyhow, what is BodyTalk you might be asking (because I sure the heck was!) well, I have googled it and not much comes up. But I found a couple of links that sort of explain what it’s all about. There are apparently a bunch of places in Vancouver (big surprise as they’re really all a bunch of hippies. Ha! I say that with love!) and then some other various sites that have little explanations.

So anyway, my mum wanted me to try this to see if it helped with my current issues. The coworker and his wife knew about my troubles and wanted to help (I did not meet the husband but if he’s as kind and gentle as his wife they are the kind of people I love to know). I admit I was skeptical but also curious. Hey, I spend the $50 or whatever to get into the Esoteric Convention thing that Montreal used to have twice a year and then look at all the tables and pay money to have some electric machine read my palm, so yeah, curious as to what this might tell me. I wanted to find out if this woman was full of crap or really was sensitive to this sort of thing. And it was an adventure with my Mummy and it made her happy. 🙂

We had an appointment at 11:00 this morning and the lady listened to my body and actually came back to me with some surprising connections that I know she didn’t know about (scars, liver… it was just neat). I have no idea how it works or what it’s supposed to do, but she told me my body needed to link certain organs and something or other. The first one was my large intestine to my liver to my pituitary gland. I don’t think I have been having pituitary gland issues, but my large intestine is obviously bothering me and since last November they’ve been looking at my liver. Anyhow, it was interesting and we made another appointment to go back next week and see what else is up. It’s not something I think I’m going to do weekly, but I’m curious as to what else my body will “tell” her.

Meanwhile, Annie was scheduled to visit the vet at noon today. She’s been showing signs of difficulty while eating – and eating is her joie de vivre. We thought maybe she had a tooth infection or something because she was appearing to have trouble with food in her mouth and she wasn’t eating. That always makes me nervous. So Shawn went off with Annie while I was off with my Mum. I got dropped off at the vet by my Mum on the way home about the time that Annie should have had her appointment. Luckily our timing was such that I was there just in time for Shawn to be LEAVING with Annie – they took her early! (Imagine! A medical appointment where not only can you get an appointment with in 4 days you don’t have to wait 2 plus hours in the waiting room! I should start seeing my vet I guess.) I was almost stranded in Verdun had I been seconds later as I had just jumped out of the car and my Mum drove away and had I missed Shawn.. oops! 🙂

Turns out Annie probably has a pancreas infection (oh, joy). So we have pills and have to give her yogurt and less food and I don’t know. Oddly, the BodyTalk lady let me know that my body was saying it needed attention to the pancreas. Annie and I are sympathetic to each other I guess. Annie also has a fever (poor, Belly!) and sore tummy I guess.

I knew something was up with Annie because when she’s anxious or out of sorts she eats paper products. She’s been known to raid garbage pails in the bathroom or bedroom to get kleenex, napkins, feminine things. She was eating the corners off our cardboard boxes when we first moved into the house – just the corners! But this one takes the cake, she took an entire roll of toilet paper OUT of the PACKAGE and was chomping away on that. The fact that she did it while we were still at home was a big clue something was wrong (she’s generally only devious when we leave the house, and she doesn’t wait long either.) This is one of the reasons we thought it might be her teeth or mouth, because she was chewing soft things so much and there was blood on the toilet paper. I guess she was just in pain and was taking her aggression out on the unsuspecting roll of Cottonelle!

And before all that even happened this morning, we were woken up by Jinx barking his head off at some stupid squirrel or cat in the front yard before EIGHT this morning! So I got up, took my bath (we still don’t have a working shower) and came down to try and feed the dogs, let them out. I let them out THREE times in the course of an hour and a bit. THREE times. Then, at about 20 to ten I ran up to the bedroom to get my watch before my mom came to pick me up (Shawn was still sleeping) and then I smelled something. Oh, crap. Literally. Annie had decided to explode all over the kitchen! GAH! I had to wake up Shawn to get him to help me clean up because I would not have enough time to wash the kitchen floor and clean up the dog before my mom got there. And then as we’re doing that Jinx starts to throw up. Lovely. So I left the house at 10:10 this morning while Shawn was trying to keep the dogs outside while he cleaned up inside and deal with two dogs who were not all that well.

Jinx is better now (he’d be better all the time if he didn’t eat crap off the ground outside!) and Annie’s on antibiotics and will have to go back to the vet next weekend if we don’t see an improvement. I’ll be at the BodyTalk thingy next Saturday morning and Shawn might be back at the vet.

Anyhow, once I got home and we got some food I took a nap. I have been so tired lately due to my various issues. Then we hung up a few photos and paintings. Our living room is also rearranged because Jinx kept ripping the screen in the front window when he would go ballistic over a cat or squirrel. Stupid dog. 🙂

Tomorrow we’re going out to have photos taken (mine for health card, his for passport) and maybe I’ll even spill our possible vacation news. Maybe. It’s half booked, so it’s pretty much half a go. 🙂


  • Cat

    mishka – thanks 🙂

    BJ – when I was writing this post that website wouldn’t load! I wasn’t sure if it worked or not, which is why I didn’t link to it. Thanks though because it is working today!

  • Meritt

    Wow your plate is full. Unfortunately I was eating when I started to read about Annie… blech.

    Please be careful spending $ on the body talk… I know you are desperate for answers but desperation makes us do things we wouldn’t normally find ourselves doing.

  • Cat

    BodyTalk was a whopping $10 and my mummy paid. I would try stuff like this for fun anyhow. It’s always so expensive and whatnot so I never do. I’m not going to try and heal myself this way, like I said I was curious and it was neat.

    if it turns out I feel better because of it and miraculously I don’t have to take medication, then hoo-ha! I am so sick of having to medicate for everything.

    This is just fun and curiosity, not looking for the Big Cure.

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