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First off, I forgot to mention in my Week of Suck post about how it all started on Sunday night with the discovery that water had backed up into our broken dishwasher. Water that had the lovely aroma of rotten eggs. Water that we had to remove with 3 SHAMWOW!s, almost an entire roll of paper towels and a turkey baster. Yes, you read that right. A turkey baster… the water was under the bottom ring thing and there was a LOT of it, but it was too awkward to get at any other way.

And, yes, the dishwasher that broke back in November is still there, in the counter. And my actual dishwasher is sitting in the kitchen being used as a table top. I don’t want to talk about it.

And now, back to today.

The good news is that Annie’s paw was a billion times better this morning after only one application of cream and an extra dose of her cortisone pills. She was semi-walking on it and she’s not holding it up close to her body. When I put the cream on this morning the skin was just lightly pink and not the blood red of last night. Huzzah!

Shawn went to work and I sat around watching Annie to make sure she didn’t have a bad reaction to her antibiotics, which she got this morning with two more cortisone pills and more cream. Shawn phoned at 1:00 when he was leaving work and said he’d stop and pick up lunch on the way home (yay! Because I was starving!) When Shawn pulled in the drive way Annie got up and did a little Daddy’s Home! dance and her paw is being used much more now. I actually think it’s doing better enough that she’s forgetting that it still hurts because she appears to startle herself if she puts too much pressure on it.

Then I see Shawn’s face… uh oh. “What’s wrong, love?” I ventured…

So, this morning, when Shawn left for work, he pulled right back into the driveway after pulling out. I was concerned but he was just checking the front left tire as the car was informing him the air pressure was low. No biggie, I mean we just got these tires about 3 weeks ago, maybe it just wasn’t full enough to start with right? So he just stopped at a gas station on the way in this morning and put air in the tire.

Except, when Shawn got back to the car when he was leaving work the car told him the air was low in the front left tire again. So he looked and… there was a screw in the tire. A screw had punctured our 3-week old tire. Lovely.

You’ll note that it’s Annie’s front, left paw that’s infected.

So our car is having sympathy pains for our dog??

We thought perhaps our plans of attempting to go to Costco would be foiled once more as we drove to Canadian Tire to see if they could fix our tire, or if I needed to put a new tire on credit. Thankfully it’s pay day today.

Turns out they could patch our tire (yay!) and in fact there was no one there waiting and when the mechanic dudes were done their breaks ours was the first car to be looked at. The damage? $28. That’s it. And 30 minutes later we were… on our way home and not to costco. Why? Because the zipper on my shorts broke of all bloody things. And there was no way I was going anywhere else with my pants all wide open!

Then we were off to see if the snobby folks at Costco would let us in. Our membership cards still had not arrived, but darn it all! It was a week since Shawn paid so we were hoping we’d at least be in the system by now. And we were! So we got this temporary pass – a printed piece of paper with a barcode on it. And we shopped! $132 later we’re good to go with toilet paper and kleenex for like 3 months! Shawn’s got enough ketchup to last at least 2 weeks for him.

Sadly they kept our ghetto temp pass when we paid. It would have been nice to have been able to fill up on gas since we NEED gas and it’s only $0.99 a litre as opposed to the $1.09 every where else. I mean, damn, we PAID the $60 membership fee already, we should be allowed to partake of what we PAID FOR. Bastards.

But I have about 3 pounds 2-bite cinnamon rolls with my name on it in the kitchen right now, so I am not complaining too much. 😉

To summarize our week so far:

Sunday – rotten egg water backup in broken dishwasher
Monday – car wouldn’t shift out of park and had to be towed to dealership, who never called us
Tuesday – car would be ready for pick up, but 1 week for part to come in to fix shifter (covered by warranty!!)
Wednesday – Annie’s limping and holding front, left paw up close to body, reasons unknown
Thursday – Annie’s paw is worse and she falls over while eating, rush to vet $166 later learn it’s skin infection
Friday – Car having sympathy pains for Annie, screw punctures front, left tire. Trip to Canadian Tire $28 later patched tire with 100 day or 5000KM warranty

So, now I’m wondering what Saturday will bring. =/


  • Joana

    Oh wow, that does sound like a sucky week. 🙁 With regard to the tires, that’s why I like Big O Tires. They’re a little more pricey, but in instances where they need repair they’re covered and get fixed (or replaced) for no charge.

    Ugh, brackish water. I had to wade ankle deep in it once when the pipe burst underneath the sink in the bathroom. What made it really gross is that the tile was slippery as hell, so I ended up going barefoot as my shoes kept slipping, and then one of the cats got spooked with the water and darted out as fast as she could knocking their (dirty) litter box over in the process.

    It’s been a few days now since this post, has Annie’s paw fully healed w/o complications? I hope it’s all better now. 🙂

    • Cat

      @Joana, I don’t think I have a Big O Tires here. Must be a US thing? We JUST had these tires put on as our old ones had worn down to the wire inside! Yikes!

      Ick.. I guess the kitty litter didn’t help soak everything up? 😉

      Annie is MUCH better! Thanks for asking. It was a worry, but she’s ok with her paw. Right now big worry is the heat and her. Always something!!

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