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Legacy (Wintercraft, #3)
by Jenna Burtenshaw

The veil which marks the division between life and death is falling. Lost souls are seeping through to roam Albion’s graveyard city of Fume. Kate Winters’ recent memory is lost. Relieved to be heading home to Albion, Kate can’t shake the feeling that Dalliah Grey, the woman she’s supposed to be working for, is not to be trusted. Disgraced warrior Silas Dane plans to rescue Kate and save Albion from the advancing armies seeking to profit from the confusion. But the veil will not be easy to repair and Silas knows sacrifices have to be made. Kate must return to the dark secrets detailed by her ancestors in the ancient book of WINTERCRAFT and learn from their mistakes to save herself. (

So, true story, I had just finished watching season one of Game of Thrones and it’s going to be a very long time before season two is available on DVD and I might be going through some serious withdrawal, and seem to always be talking to my dogs and husband in a really bad British accent, because after watching 10 episodes of GoT I only want to talk with a British accent.

ANYHOW because of this, my brain is all obsessed with GoT and all it’s awkward, graphic, BOOBIES, fantasy porn world with swords and horses (I SO want to star on a show where I get to ride horses all the time. I do NOT want to be a show where I have to show my BOOBIES all the time. Nope.)

ANYHOW… since I was in this weird fantasy world mind-set I was unable to continue reading many of the other books I had going, including the one I currently have on my sidebar at the time of writing this post. Nothing was filling that GoT void that had appeared in my brain. Somehow I realized that I still had Jenna Burtenshaw’s final Wintercraft book on my shelf waiting to be read.


I ordered this book back when it came out in the UK earlier in the Spring, but I was having that Unable to Read Thing going on and I just didn’t pick up, but it was EXACTLY what I needed to transition from Game of Thrones to reading books again. I even managed to read some of it out loud to the dogs IN A BRITISH ACCENT (note: the dogs didn’t care. Nor were they at all impressed.)

Wintercraft is a freaking AMAZING fantasy series for young adults. AMAZING. There is fighting and horseback riding and death! It’s not at all as graphic as GoT. There are no BOOBIES! nor are there copious graphic doggy-style sex scenes (THANK THE GODS!) but it’s dark and moody and fantastical and there is death and spirits and soulless people and magic and just… yay!

There just isn’t enough YA Fantasy out there and this is one series that kicks butt in that genre. If you love fantasy and YA you really, truly need to pick this series up. It’s out in North America – at least the first two books are. Shadowcry (The Secrets of Wintercraft) and Blackwatch (The Secrets of Wintercraft)) are the US/Canadian titles. I, of course, have fed my UK edition obsession by getting them all in UK edition, but that’s me. 😉

I also would like to mention that Silas Dane is one of my favourite characters of all time. There’s just something about him that makes me love him and want to give him many hugs and bake him cookies and brew up cups of tea. I don’t normally get attached to characters very deeply, but Silas is one that just tugs at my heartstrings, which is odd considering his character, but eh, it’s what happened. I want to hug him. Oh, Silas.

And totally unrelated to the story itself, but is in the book – is this quote from Jenna’s author bio:

– she once ran a shelter for sick and unwanted guinea pigs, which often had more than fifty residents at one time.

That one line, my friends, totally made me cry. I don’t know if I was strangely overemotional that night, but when I read that tears just welled up in my eyes and my lungs felt all heavy. Those POOR GUINEA PIGS! Unwanted! *sobs* That just broke my heart, but then warmed my heart because Jenna was rescuing them. I actually read this as soon as I finished the book, as I am wont to do. I always read the author bios AFTER I finish the book (strangely this one is the first page in the book I have, so I made sure to avoid it most of the book. =P) *sniff* poor little unwanted guinea pigs. You are the Silas Danes of the rodent world. I WILL HUG YOU ALL! (even though guinea pigs, as well as hamsters (ESPECIALLY HAMSTERS) freak me the hell out because I am convinced I will accidentally squish all their internal organs out through their mouths because they are so squishy. I HATE holding those things. I was terrified of my friend’s hamsters when I was a kid. SO SQUISHY!

Ok, so I realize this post likely makes me seem like I am on drugs. I am not. I swear! Nothing not prescribed by my doctor, I mean. 😉

I’m done now. If you love fantasy, read these books. That is all.


  1. Wintercraft
  2. Blackwatch
  3. Legacy


  • Liviania

    I’ve never heard of this series, but it sounds awesome. And as someone who used to breed guinea pigs, I’m happy someone was sheltering the unwanted ones.

  • Jenna

    Hi Cat.
    I’m glad you enjoyed Legacy!
    Now I’m trying to imagine what Silas would look like in guinea pig form…
    I would still have guineas if unwanted ones came my way. I haven’t needed to take any in for a few years, but I do have two rescue rabbits who live like furry queens.
    About your tea and cookies… I think Silas would definitely appreciate some of that. Deep down, I think he could well be a fan of cookies and Cat hugs.

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