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look what i can do!!

I can load dishes into a dishwasher AND CLEAN THEM!! *dances* *dances some more* *dances with the dishwasher*

If you don’t know the story, you’ll not understand exactly HOW BIG OF A DEAL this is. You see in early November 2008 the dishwasher that came with the house died a horrible, messy death. My father-in-law was very sick at the time so we never mentioned the problem as he would have tried to come over and replace it with my old (new) dishwasher which was sitting at the other end of the kitchen at the time. We didn’t mention it for a long time as he got better and then when we finally did mention it we just couldn’t get together for the time it would take to repair it. Never did I think it would take almost 2 years to replace! Good heavens. But today my in-laws came over with goodies – a new (to us) double bed, faucet for the kitchen sink and my father-in-law thought he’d take a look at the dishwashers to see what could be done.

Just getting the old one (that came with the house) out was a trial. I thought that would be the worst part, apparently I was way wrong. When I bought my dishwasher in 2003 I was told all I had to do was take off the top and sides and it would fit into a counter space. Little did we know that the counter in this house wasn’t normal and it seems to have been built AROUND the old dishwasher. Oops.

My father-in-law then had fun trying to take off parts of my dishwasher so it would fit. He even ended up sawing off plastic parts to get it in the counter properly. He said at one point, “Catherine Dear, I think I’ll owe you a new dishwasher!” Uh-oh.

As the dogs hung out, played with quacking sheep and just lazed about, the men worked hard with the two dishwashers side-by-side trying to get mine to fit where the old one was.

Finally it was almost done. There are many extra pieces (not necessary, said my FiL) that were sawed off by hand and tubes that were cut and whatnot. I am not to concern myself with those things apparently. I’m fine with that. And in the end – success! Nothing floods while running (yay!) and the water doesn’t leak. We ran it empty the first time to make sure everything worked, I mean this poor machine hasn’t been used since March 2006 before the fire! It’s sat in storage for a year and then in my kitchen for THREE years. Poor thing. We ran it a second time with a cup (or 2 cups since I forgot which measuring cup I was using) of vinegar to clean it out. And now I have some dirty dishes hanging out in the washer waiting to be cleaned. I have never been so happy. BUT…

What the heck are we supposed to store stuff on now? Where do I put the dog bowls? The bills? The cookbooks? What will I decorate for Christmas this year? I guess we’ll have to invest in a little cafe-type table for the kitchen because it looks rather empty now.

Before the dishwasher was tackled, my father-in-law did this for me:

When we visited in January (I think) for my birthday I was ooohing and ahhhhing over my in-laws’ new faucet in the kitchen. The tap comes out like a shower hose thing. It was cool. And it came with a soap dispenser. Awesome. When we went back to visit in March for Shawn’s birthday my father-in-law said “Catherine Dear! Look what I got you! It was on sale!” He had bought me almost the exact same thing! Awesome!

Again, we had to find time for them to come over and do stuff. Luckily there was a 4-day weekend this weekend for us (and my FiL is now on vacation for a week) and he said he’d come over and Do Stuff for us! They also brought us the double bed they were getting rid of BEFORE Christmas.

Now Jill has two beds to chose from when she visits! She might prefer this one since it’s roomier than the single bed. It’s currently in “Her” room. And the best thing? My mother-in-law brought me the comforter and pillow shams that went with it and they were the ones I have been coveting since she first bought them! I LOVE this quilt.

And it’s pretty cool how the colour of the quilt matches the walls. Walls that have not been painted since we moved in. So it matches what was already there! Man I love this quilt set. I wish I had it in King Size.

The little single bed got moved to the “Tinker Bell room” (which I never actually decorated. The walls are pink there so my old purple quilt from when I lived back home with my parents sort of matches as well. This is the room with my one bookshelf for all my Young Adult books in it. And at some point that gigantic painting will be hung up at the top of the stairs (next visit from my in-laws! Also to be fixed  the railing on the stairs going up to the bedrooms.)

All this and we got woken up at 8AM on a day off by the construction vehicles again. I think it’s almost over though. I hope. One more week and they’ll be done the other road and then… paving? Maybe?

I’m off to enjoy my dishwasher. I feel like dirtying all the dishes in my house JUST BECAUSE I CAN! Woot!


  • Mummy

    WOW! I LOVE your FIL! Can I borrow him? And I love the quilt on your new bed too! What a great day for you! And I love your dances too! 🙂

  • Mo

    I think you need to share your FiL!!! I want a dishwasher too, and a new tap, and a new bed, and, and and and 😉

    Yay for you, and yes, I agree that the quilt looks like it was made for that room!!

  • Valerie

    Sounds like you’ve had a wonderfully fulfilling weekend Cat and imagine there are still 2 days to enjoy! Lucky you… I love the quilt set – it does look quite lovely in your spare room. I went for a 109 km bike ride yesterday – yay for me – and then I went to the jazz fest and saw the Brian Setzer Orchestra – for FREE – amazing!

    • Cat

      109Km? That’s amazing, Val! I don’t even have my bike out of my basement yet. (Although with the state my street and surrounding streets are in I can’t quite bike right now.) Today we might treat ourselves to a trip to Indigo at DIX30. We know how to party, we do!

  • Jill

    Ooh, new bed for me! 😀
    When you guys visit me, you get to sleep in my bed, because I don’t have a spare double 🙂

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