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meet jinx

this has been the best weekend ever (so far!). i have a ton o’ photos for you guys but no time.. WHY i am up and awake at five in the morning is beyond me.. i think it had to do with extreme starvation since i think i forgot to eat yesterday. (why the hell do people LIKE having others over to entertain?? why? what the hell? NEVER again!!)

meanwhile, adore my little puppy piddle pants (he was so excited he just kept peeing on the floor! we’d let him outside he’s run around and then come in to pee. 20 plus people undoes house training reeeeeally quickly!!)

can i eat this??

jinx was so well behaved yesterday and is just such a loveable pup! he and annie’s brother dan played together most of the day. annie wasn’t sure what to make of him. she played for a little bit, but then decided the boys played too rough and besides, if they were off playing together she could scam a lot more food fo herself from the guests!

we had an earlyish night, we left from old montreal around nine – it was pouring. i am sure it cleared up for the ten o-clock fireworks but we were all falling asleep! even these guys were sleepy! annie wasn’t too thrilled that the little piddle-pants came home with us. and she kept moving away each time he tried to go near her. ha! she was tired, she didn’t want him swatting her head with his paw! in the end exhaustion won out and they went to bed (until we crated jinx for the night so has to not wake up to a plethora of piddle puddles!!)

bed time

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  • In the last photo, Annie has this look in her eyes of, ‘Who is this next to me? There’s something going on, isn’t there? What’s going on? What didn’t you tell me? I’m not going to like this, am I…?’

  • Annie: “PLEEAASSEE! Get this fluff ball away from me!!! 🙄 ”
    Jinx:     “Woof! 😛 ”

    lol. Sounds like you are really busy… You should be sleeping at five!!! LOL. You’ll be back to normal soon. *hopefully*


  • Jen

    Good luck today! All the best xxx ooo

  • geezer!

    she dont like that puppy on her bed!

  • How cute are they!?!? Annie definitely does NOT looked thrilled in the last pic!

  • Cat

    young hopefully employed one… annie is a little unimpressed with the puppy. she treats him like the annoying little brother he is being. she’s wondering WHY linda took the wrong one home to memphis this weekend. she was fine with her real brother dan, all he did was sleep! but he’s not the one that stayed. ha!

    nybble… hahahah! pretty much yeah.

    jen… thank you!! it all went really well!!

    geezer… no. and for some reason he only likes HER bed. not his. we’re trying to get him to change his mind. but he only wants to be where his Big Sis is.

    melWeMIssedYouAtTheWeddingMega… when you come to visit you can play with the puppies!!

  • Ohhh, he is soooo cute. I love him!!!