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melancholy and birthday parties

No photos of my hair because it wasn’t finished. My awesome hair appointment was much more mediocre and less awesome than it normally is. I was taken an hour late and then had to make the decision to come back later to have my hair cut since everything was taking so long. I didn’t leave until almost 5PM and I was there at 12:50 for my one o’clock appointment (which only started at two, so). Anyhow I have another appointment this Wednesday to have my hair cut and at the same time I think I will make another one to change the colours or something. In theory I like it, but I think the red is much too orangey and brassy than red. It’s an interesting style of colour mesh, but I don’t know what I think. Maybe it’ll look better when I have the hair cut. I don’t know.

I have been feeling very down in the dumps these days. Health aside I don’t know if it’s the month, the weather, or what. Things aren’t all peachy and I am really tired of a lot of stuff that I never really talk about (especially here). I need to escape from everything. Money, life, work, winter, a lot of things. I had hoped having my hair done would have helped, but that sort of just ended up sucking so it didn’t really, did it?

I was supposed to do a lot of things this weekend. Most of which were canceled due to health issues on my part. Lovely. I did manage to get one thing done though that I was really excited about.

A coworker of mine’s daughter turned six on Thursday. I was invited to her birthday party (waaaaaay back in May! She made me the invitation herself and even wrote my name all by herself!). Elizabeth and I are BFFs and I had a blast shopping the aisles at Toys R Us the other night to buy her the coolest birthday loot!

(and a horse, but I can’t find a photo of the one I bought!)

So I spent part of my afternoon with my friend from work and many family members as we celebrated my BFFs 6th birthday. My inner child is five, so now she’s older than I am. I hope she still likes me! (And I was really nervous about her not liking my gift, but it seemed to go over well and all the other younger girls really seemed to like that and my sparkly princess birthday card! I guess I did well.)

I just wish I could shake this sad feeling I have though. *sigh*


  • Meritt

    If you’re not careful you’ll start loving kids sooo much you’ll get the baby urge I was fighting this weekend! LOL.

    PS: Everyone gets in the dumps like that. Everyone. I hate it… and it can be so long lasting. Sigh.

  • Cat

    TRUST me, Meritt, not once did I EVER think “Gee, I want one of thse” yesterday. In fact my thoughts were the complete opposite. I promise you all I do NOT like kids (the random one as an exception) and I will NEVER have any. I haven’t wanted my own kids since I was about 4 or 5 years old. I dislike them greatly.

    Mishka, not sure about the sunshine as we’ve had quite a bit for November. But I do think it’s just a combination of things. 🙂