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my name is jinx

i'm cute!
hullo! i’m jinx! i’m the new puppy in cat’s life. i am so cute! i thought i’d show you all how cute i really am…

and thoughtful 
my mummy says i’m handsome. she also really likes it when i am a good boy and lie quietly on my bed.

 sleeping angel
every so often i sleep…. but at the first sign that someone is looking at me….

i’m ready to spring into action!! it’s play time!!

i love to play outside in the back yard.

jinx and smiley
this is my friend, smiley. he’s a fun toy! i love how he squeaks and i love to run around the yard and the apartment chomping on him and making him go SQUEAK SQUEAK SQUEAK!! he’s also got these really cool dangly arms and legs and i like to swing him around with them!

i really love to play with smiley!!!

but daddy says i have the attention span of a carrot.. i don’t know why he says that… i love to play…

ooh! what's that???
huh?? what’s that??? what smiley toy? huh? oh my.. i LOVE….


more bubbles
chomp! chomp! chomp!! they are so fun to catch in your mouth!! i love bubbles!!

i also love riding in the car!

i’m so happy in the car! there are all sorts of new smells that come in through the window.

i can't see!!!
when i’m bigger i’ll actually be able to SEE out the window…. actually when i am in the backseat i can sit on the seat and look out the window. mummy won’t let me go play with daddy when we’re in the car though. i think that’s really mean! daddy and i are best buds!!

sleepy jinx
i feel so safe with daddy. i trust him like no other. even when he tries to use wrestling moves on me…

daddy jinx and annie
see how much i love my daddy? i also have a big sister.. her name is annie. i just LOVE annie!
dogs on couch
togther, we rule the couch!!!

whatever she does, i have to do! 

jinx and annie 
where ever annie is, i have to be too! she makes a really great bed, or seat or a neat place to chew my bone on! i really love to sit on her head and chomp away on my bone.

 grumpy annie
as you can see she’s really happy that i’m here. sometimes she get so happy she goes and hides under the computer desk chair! she really loves me, i just know it! i love my big sister so very much!!

tiny puppy
i’m just a little guy right now. i’m almost 5 months old. one day i’ll even be bigger than my sister. it’s hard being small sometimes, but luckily my mummy and daddy take very good care of me and help me out with hard things like stairs and jumping on to the couch or bed!

one day i’ll be big. but for now, i’m just having fun being a puppy!



  • Monkey

    Jinxy Jinx you are one cute little guy. Try to be nice to your big sister and stop plopping on her head. Girls don’t like that sort of thing.

  • meritt

    I have flavored bubbles… I should send ya some if you can’t get them there! The kids have used 2 packages, but I think we have a package of strawberry left. Purely edible bubbles. How cool… and taste much better than regular soap bubbles. Ummm… how do I know what bubbles taste like? No comment.

  • Val

    Jinx is just the cutest thing (next to my Alvin, of course)… and that’s saying a lot considering I’m usually not that fond of doggies. I think I’m just a closet dog lover 😉

  • sarcastrix

    Those are great pictures, especially the top one!

    And ‘the attention span of a carrot’. Ha! Love it. Just last night I said that the Stinky Monkey had the attention span of my shoe.

  • Yoj

    HA! How cute is your little dog!! I was the same as Jeanette “I’m a cat person.. no dogs.. just. walk. away. NOW!” 🙂 I was also giggling b/c of all those cute pics of your new puppy reminded me of when my son was born and alllllll the pics I posted. Hee hee.

  • Cat

    puppies are hard to photograph because they don’t stay still for more than a fraction of a second. grr. cutest pose ever! the moment you actually click the shutter button? he’s GONE.

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