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no paper product is ever safe in this house

Shawn and I went out after he got home from work since a) it was nice out b) we like spending time together and c) I needed to get a table cloth for the table on my deck (which I didn’t end up getting). We ended up at Chapigo and I bought books (surprise). But that’s not the point of this post. The point is this…

Sigh. That Annie. Note how she chewed THROUGH the plastic to get at the cardboard and tissues. She has done this with a full package of toilet paper too. A package of like, 24 rolls of which she left us about 8. The bathroom on the main floor is now closed off by a baby gate. I was supposed to have put this Costco purchase of Puffs in the bathroom behind the gate before we went out, but I forgot.

At least there was only one casualty out of the entire package. I am sure had we been gone longer more would have kicked the bucket. I cursed myself for not taking a photo of the toilet paper incident so I made sure to document this one. Much less of a paper trail than 12 rolls of toilet paper can make.

Annie generally tortures (and eats) paper products when she’s anxious or upset. Stuff like moving house gets her stress up and high heat and humidity (which we have been having, though not today). Though I am thinking she’s just starting to show her Grumpy Old Lady side (she is 10 after all) this year because she’s doing stuff like this more and more and not always when she’s in anxiety mode. I think she’s in Spite Mode. I don’t think they liked that we went out after we fed them so she told us off.

That’s my Annabell.

2 comments to no paper product is ever safe in this house

  • Ha ha. That’s so funny about the toilet rolls.
    Reminds me of the time I was visiting my friend in the UK and she had two Staffordshire Terrorist dogs and they were quiet while we were getting pissed on wine and then I noticed why…they were chewing up my $500 worth of travellers cheques and I got them just in time before they started on my passport.

  • Cat

    Yikes! So far no money has been harmed, though it was a close call this past week when a $20 had fallen to the floor being blown off the table by the fan. We found it before Annie did – thank goodness!