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not a very good year

I’m cheating this year with my year round-up post. I’m starting it in early December so I can have time to compile all the months. Heh. Sneaky me!

2008 wasn’t such a fantastic year. It could have been worse (it has been) and it could have been better. So here’s my year in a nutshell (complete with photos!).

January (11 posts) :

  • turned 32 on the 23rd and that amused me. Gotta love palindromes!
  • planning the final stages of our Disney World vacation in February
  • got my awesome wrist tattoo!
  • was not very talkative on this blog, apparently.
  • I need a couple more bullets to make this fit around the photo, or maybe just one more with a lot of writing in it so it works better. I really need to remember to be more exciting or I can’t format this post the way I want to at the end of the year! Argh!

February (13 posts) :

  • my Nana turned 90
  • was having a mini breakdown due to too much work and not enough time off
  • WE WENT TO DISNEY WORLD!! WHEEEEE!! [which reminds me, I never did finish posting the recaps of the trip! Oops…]
  • Jinx turned 3

March (16 posts) :

  • Annie turned 10!
  • my Dad turned 60
  • we still had a heck of a lot of snow (boo!)
  • had yet another colonoscopy which found nothing wrong
  • Shawn turned 31 and spent the day playing in the snow
  • started painting my living room (still need to finish it.. I KNOW! Shush, ok!)
  • went to see the butterflies with my sister, brother-in-law and my niece

April (18 posts – most posts of the year!) :

  • got my awesome bike!
  • my sister knit me cool ballet slipper slippers
  • went to my first ever hockey game! (during the playoffs, to boot!)
  • got our amazing huge, finger-eating BBQ!!
  • at some point in the first two weeks the 13 feet of snow vanished which surprised me
  • went on our first road trip, complete with dogs, to the US of A!

May (9 posts) :

  • enjoyed Iron Man
  • broke my toe falling up the stairs at my sister’s house on Mother’s Day
  • (sort of) helped my father-in-law build our awesome new deck  (as much as I could with a broken toe)
  • enjoyed our BBQ and new deck for the rest of the month…

June (6 posts) :

  • my Poppop passed away at the age of 95
  • due to a major storm, lost our power for almost 4 days, at the same time 95F weather
  • waged war against Sears
  • contemplated painting my basement (which never really happened, unless you count one wall)

July (17 posts) :

  • celebrated my third wedding anniversary
  • bought Molly my laptop
  • took Annie & Jinx to Petcetera (ok, so this isn’t real news, I just didn’t DO much in July and I needed enough bullets to fit around the photo!)
  • discovered Twitter. Which I swore I would never use and now update way to often.
  • had a family reunion, which was well timed because two days later one of my mum’s cousins was diagnosed with brain cancer and passed away shortly thereafter (it was a surprise on top of everything. Cancer is scary :()
  • due to a job prospect that eventually fell through, we bought a Wii so that Shawn could test some games. I fell head over heels for that Wii, I’ll tell you!

August (14 posts) :

  • promoted my book blog, where I held my first ever book contest (and um, so far, my ONLY book contest)
  • realized I had been blogging for 4 years and found my first attempt on Blurty
  • rambled a heck of a lot but didn’t seem to actually do anything worth bulleting! GAH!
  • went to a wedding for one of Shawn’s bazillion cousins and I found a cute dress for it.
  • 32 years and still NO CAVITIES! Wooty woot!

September (10 posts) :

  • went to the Brome Fair for the first time ever and had fun!
  • rejoined Curves and tried to eat better (the Curves stuck, the eating better didn’t so much)
  • for the first time I can remember I was freezing all the time and contemplated turning on the heat before December (but I didn’t!)
  • went to see NKOTB with my sister – and had fun!
  • went to Hurley’s to watch my friend Elise dance while Salty Dog played. Not THAT kind of dancing, mind you, it was Highland – no poles involved!

October (13 posts) :

  • took a much needed week off from work and did all sorts of exciting things during it!
  • went to High Tea with my oldest and dearest friend Jill who was up from California
  • took the train first class to visit another dear friend (Monkey) in Ottawa
  • while in Ottawa went to a fantastic Farmer’s Market
  • ordered the last of my Hallmark Puppy Love ornaments (just missing the first one from 1991 – but I am not paying $100 US for it!)
  • Jinx met his new BFF Nixie and it was puppy love at first sniff
  • played a lot of Wii – in Ottawa and at home
  • got my new cell phone (which I still love!)
  • had my entire family (including inlaws) over for Thanksgiving dinner – and had fun!

November (11 posts) :

  • on the day I had two of my closest friends from work over for a night of BBQ food and Wii – my dishwasher broke and flooded my kitchen. That was fun.
  • Americans pleasantly surprised me with their intelligence and elected the right man to office
  • discovered that my monthly BodyTalk appointments had kept me out of the ER and from being deathly ill in the fall for the first time in my life.
  • finally found myself a new pair of boots for the winter since my old ones died last year. Also, cool pair of shoes. All thanks to the mother-in-law!
  • watched a fat, waddling skunk wander around our front steps while we had Jinx in the car one night after work.

December (13 posts – including this one) :

  • my work union made an incredibly moronic decision and many of us were up nights worried about not being paid for a long period of time
  • it snowed
  • we put up our tree!
  • it snowed some more
  • and even more
  • did I mention the snow?
  • Christmas happened
  • my Mummy turned 60!
  • I finished this post at the last minute! HA!


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