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not even a hint of a superpower!

Well, my bone scan went off without a hitch. And in fact, since it was an hour earlier than I was told originally, I was all done by 10:55 in the morning! This of course put a damper on the lunch plans that I had tentatively made with a friend who works at the hospital. I was tired, Annie wasn’t doing well (yes, again! I’ll get to that) and I just wanted to get home. Since she didn’t have a lunch break until at least noon, I stopped by to say hi and then went on my merry way.

I did not glow, nor did I obtain any cool mutant super powers from the radioactive dye injection. I was sadly disappointed by that.

Meanwhile, when I managed to stumble down the stairs before 7AM yesterday  morning I was informed by Shawn that there was something wrong with Annie – AGAIN! She wouldn’t eat her food and had thrown up a little. Sigh. So I was anxious to get home from the hospital to make sure she was ok. The trip home was like some reality show challenge. I phoned my Mum after the test to let her know I was walking down the hill toward the metro station. She offered to pick me up when I got to the South Shore to save me a ticket. We decided I would go to the Longueuil metro station and she’d pick me up there. Except when I got off the Green line to transfer to the Yellow line, which would take me where I needed to be, I hear the following message (but in French) “Yellow line down for an in determinant amount of time”. Lovely. So I dished out $0.50 for the pay-phone (YES! FIFTY cents! Money gougers!) in hopes that my mum hadn’t left the house yet. Luckily no one had left yet. So we decided I would take the Orange line, take the bus over the bridge and they’d pick me up there. So, technically this did NOT save me a bus ticket as I had to pay for the bus over the bridge. Ah, well. My dad was the one in the car to greet me (too hot for my Mum, and I agree!) and he kindly bought me lunch as well! Also he came in with me when we got to my house to make sure Annie was ok. I was concerned I would get home alone and Annie would be worse.

She was fine.

She also ate her dinner just fine. (which was actually her breakfast ;)). However then I thought, huh… what she DID do in the morning was fish out the anti-biotic and break it in half and spit it out. And she wouldn’t touch the food after that. She did the same thing this morning. She took a mouthful of food and then choked it back up and spit out the pieces of pill. Then she sniffed the rest of her food and walked away and lay down.

Smart dog.

Looks like we’re going to have to pill her manually now. I think she’s over-dosed on meds and I know she’s constipated (yes! I’m talking about dog constipation! I know you’re all thrilled!) and she’s having trouble pooping (more so than normal). I think her stomach hurts and she KNOWS it’s the pill.

Why do I think it’s this and not that she’s not feeling like eating? Because I put Jinx’s food in front of her when he was done with it and she vacuumed it up in one breath. Huh.

Also… just when I was starting to feel sort of bad about all the wasps we seem to have caught in our wasp trap (11 +!!!), they were out there in force this morning when Shawn was leaving for work! GAH! Of course the 3 I saw were scoping out the wasp trap, so perhaps they are goners now, too. (Ugh! Sorry, wasps!) but at the same time – WHY WON’T THEY JUST ALL DIE AND LEAVE US ALONE!?

We need to buy some caulking stuff for the wall so hopefully we’ll get some this weekend. Then, I think one more spray of the Raid and we’ll seal up the teeny hole they are coming in and out of. Will that work? Will it trap them in the wall? Wait… do we WANT them trapped in the wall? Will they burrow through into the house? Eeek! Anyone know?

This week off has been far from relaxing. Stupid heat. Stupid public transportation. I need at least another month off.


  • Joana

    Do you have a mortar and pestle by chance? You could always crush up her pills into a very fine powder and mix it in that way. That’s what I have to do whenever one of my girls are being medicated.

    A pity you weren’t granted any super powers and turned into a meta-human. That would have been neat. Except, of course, if you discovered your abilities in the hospital they might have locked you up for studying. You know what, it’s probably a good thing you didn’t develop super powers. 😛 Still though, glad to hear everything went well!

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