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nothing like a little panic to get you through the day

So, when I was in the ER on November 2nd, I was told by one of the many doctors I saw that they requested that the GI department contact me and give me an earlier appointment than the one I had scheduled for January 9, 2007. I never heard from anyone and didn’t really think much of it, because as I have said a two month wait was not bad at all. I have waited MUCH longer in more dire circumstances.

So imagine my amusement when I get a letter in the mail yesterday saying I had an appointment with GI on January 10, 2007 with a completely different doctor than my regular one. “What a silly hospital,” I thought to myself “They seem to have no idea what the hell they are doing!”

So I phoned my doctor’s office today and told the secretary I believe there was an error and that I was double booked. I confirmed that I still had my January 9 appointment, good. Then she looked up the one the next day and said “Oh, Dr. W referred you to Dr. B concerning your liver problem.”

Um… WHAT?!? What liver problem? I don’t have a liver problem! I have a liver problem?!??

Unfortunately because she was not Dr. B’s secretary she couldn’t see the referral or what the problem was, so she tried connecting me with the other secretary who was on the phone and then gave me her direct line. I had to rush off to a course so I could not phone back the hospital until after 1:00 and let me tell you I had a lot of trouble trying to concentrate on what I was learning because I had just been informed that I had a liver problem!! The secretary I needed to phone was on lunch when I got back to the office so I had to wait until 2:00 to speak with her. It was an hour of fretting and not really working. I wasn’t too concerned really, just a little worried since, you know, the ER sent me home telling me there was nothing wrong.

When I spoke to this secretary she was super nice and even said “Well, hell yeah! I’d want to know what liver problem I had too if this was the first I was hearing of it! You’d think the ER would have mentioned something!” ha! So she very kindly and patiently looked up my file and and tried to find out more information about this mystery liver problem it spoke about in the referral. They are always on the phone in GI so I really appreciated the time she took with me on the phone to try and help me figure this out. Turns out I seem to have infectious cysts on my liver along with something scribbled  down about neoplastics. She had no clue what that was, but apologized to me for not being able to find me an earlier appointment, because if I had infections then I would most likely have to be medicated and well, I now have to wait until January 10 to find out more about what’s wrong.

I am now awash with many emotions. Relief that it’s not something as serious as dying of liver cancer. Worry about the infectious cysts on my liver, because you know, anything wrong with your liver can’t be that good. Happy that I am actually sick for a REASON. I am tired of never having reasons but always having illnesses! And irritated that the health care system in this province sucks monkey butt (no offence, Monkey!! :)) and not only did no one tell me this in the ER, I don’t even get told there is a problem, I get a random appointment slip in the mail and it doesn’t even tell me why I am seeing the doctor! And now I have to wait 2 months to find out WHAT exactly is wrong and how they found it and what’s going to happen.

Whatever. Meh. It’s time to go home and I don’t really feel like working the rest of the week. I’m still thinking about this liver issue and I’ll admit I am concerned even though there really isn’t much cause… but still. It’s scary being told you have something growing on your liver, you know? And rather disconcerting to find these things out from a doctor’s secretary who is reading something off her appointment screen.

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  • *ahem* The correct term is donkey balls. Not monkey butt.

    And the emergency room et al SUCK.

  • :shock:Holy Crap!!!

    I would be freaked the F**K out!!! Yikes!

    Hang in there, little CattyPants.

  • OH my goodness! I couldn’t help but laugh at the stupidity of it all. LOL.

    I’m sure it’s nothing drastic (or they wouldn’t have you wait 2 months nor forgot to mention it to you). But geesh!

  • Val

    Geez! What the heck is wrong with these people? I can’t believe you had to go through that… and have to wait another two months.

    Sorry you’re going through this 🙁

  • Wish you weren’t going through this. I hate not knowing what is going on and its not like you really need more to worry about right now, huh?

    I hope the next two months pass by quickly (I know this one has) and it ends up being nothing serious. In the meantime, I would probably limit your alcohol and Tylenol intakes…just to not tire your liver out.

  • What the hell is going on with Dr.’s and diagnosis! Don’t they KNOW how stressful it is to WONDER

  • Must be all that whiskey you drink. Lush.

  • Cat

    monkey… then I shall edit to reflect donkey butt.

    megaOne… thank you. Christmas in California is looking more and more lovely. If only…

    meritt… um, waiting two months IS the emergency appointment. I am not kidding. If it wasn’t an emergency to get this looked at I’d probably only have an appointment in June. 😕 We might not have to pay for our health care with money, but we do pay for it with our health.

    val… don’t you miss Quebec health care now that you’re all over there in Ontario? I am sure you do!! 🙂

    mishka… thanks, mishka. It’s strange, I have been through so much this year but I just keep standing tall. I am so glad that I got over all my depression problems because if I was still on the down side of bi-polar I think I’d have killed myself by now. I don’t want to go through this anymore, or have anything else tossed at me, but at least I am getting through it positively, right?

    envoy-ette… Well, after your health scare, I thought I would have one of my own just to be more like you! :mrgreen: What I am more concerned with is if there are things I shouldn’t be eating or drinking and stuff like that. Thank goodness I don’t drink alcohol all that much!!!

    cindysweetums… oh, shut up. I haven’t had any whiskey since.. um… May? And that was two shots. I doubt that sent my liver over the edge.

  • Amy

    Paying for your health care with your health doesn’t seem worth it. 🙁