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OK this is quite frustrating

I am more than happy to finally have a new computer – don’t get me wrong. However with all the problems we’ve been having computer-wise since April it’s getting awfully aggravating having to reenter all the information each time I use a computer. email addresses, journal updatey thing. Grrr! Oh and I still can’t update my webpage because I have to find the CD to reinstall FrontPage (not that it’s the best, but I know how to use it!) and I have no bloody idea where the CD is. The burglars probably took it. Or it was lost in the move.

So it’s like 7:30am and I have been up for a half hour. I hate when you wake up just before your alarm and you really have to pee. You can’t get back to sleep for the last few minutes because you’re soooo uncomfortable and it’s just GRRRR! So I got up. On the bright side it’s the first night I have actually slept through since Sunday. (by slept through I mean, slept period. I have been sooo tired)

I suppose I should get ready to go to work. Bah. Don’t wanna go. I feel like staying home and cuddling with Annie. She was all happy and waggly tailed this morning. It was very sweet. Even when she decided to lounge in the back yard rather than come back in this morning and made me go out in my bathrobe to talk to her. I love my doggie.

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