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It’s a four day work week! Why? Well, I have Friday off to go down to Le Regie du logement and file a claim against my landlord. Woo and hoo! Shawn took the day off as well and we’re going in force with all our documents and getting all serious and shit. I’m homeless and pissed off. Don’t mess with me. I’m also majorly crampy and have been awake since 2:30 a.m., so I am starting the week off in full form, yo.

Other items of note from this past weekend… we took my grandparents out to brunch to celebrate my Poppop’s 94th birthday (September 19). We went to this little restaurant around the corner from their apartment that they eat at every day. I haven’t seen them in a long time, so it was nice to just be the 4 of us. [I guess Poppop is an East coast thing, Cindy, my father called HIS grandfather that.. they’re from Brooklyn, NY.]

nana poppop and me sept 23 2006

My grandfather never smiles in photos unless you force him… hee!

smile darn you!
Saturday night we went to see The Convenant. Yeah… don’t go see that. Wow. Bad. I only have one word sentences to describe our experience. Eek. Ugh. Wow. The story itself, actually could have had potential, but boy did they stay far away from that. Potential? We don’t need no stinkin’ potential, they said. Hell, they weren’t really too picky about people with any acting ability either. I don’t even think this one particular guy even SPOKE in the film. It could have been real fun witchy cheese (you know, like The Craft) but no. It was sad.

But on the fun side… Shawn and I spent yesterday late afternoon/night playing Lego Star Wars II on the XBOX 360. Wheeee! Fun! Shawn was a wookie and I was a princess and various other things too. Lego Star Wars characters are adorable and the little movies inbetween the playing are hilarious! We also watched the new Family Guy. I think it started last week, but we missed it…[so I was going to link you all to the Family Guy page, but it keeps telling me I don’t have Flash installed and I so totally do, yo! So I am just going to leave it unlinked and boycott the page. Take THAT, Family Guy!]
I know I need to post something non-pathetic and depressing. I’m just trying to find stuff that would interest anyone, let alone me! Right now there’s not much happy and fun going on. I am in love and I am loved. I guess that’s something, right?


  • squonk

    Happy birthday to Poppop! And YOU GO GIRL with the complaint against your landlord. I hope you nail the bastard’s ass to the floor. Preferably not your floor, though.

  • MelMega

    I love that picture of you tickling your Poppop!! Too cute!

    Lots of luck on taking that bastard DOWN! (your landlord, not your Poppop)

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