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Pale Demon

Pale Demon (Rachel Morgan, #9)
by ? Kim Harrison ?

I honestly cannot believe that we’re already up to the ninth book in the Rachel Morgan series. It feels like only yesterday I had discovered the series. Though the first book published in 2004 I only discovered the books when book 3 was about to come out. In fact the bookstore that I was working in at the time had an ARC in mass market of Every Which Way but Dead and I was in heaven! I also remember when these books came out in mass market only then I guess the series got all popular and the publishers switched to hard cover. I tried very hard to wait the year for the paperback, but it never worked. So what I did was buy the hard cover and then give it away when the paperback came out a year later. I stopped doing that so now I’m trying to build up my library with hard covers. It seems that the first books have all been re-released in hard cover now, so one day, when I am rich I will buy them all.

But enough about book formats, this post is allllll about the ninth Rachel Morgan book and guess what? I loved it. I loved it so much more than the last two which left me sort of…dry. For once Rachel wasn’t written up as a completely incompetent person who gets blamed for everyone else’s mistakes (thank the gods, because that was getting old)! Rachel Morgan was powerful and in control and that made me happy.

Also making me happy? Road trip with Trent. (Not a spoiler as it is in the summary for the book!) I love Trent. I don’t like the male characters in these books all that much, but I love Trent. I can’t stand Pierce and I wish he would just die again and be all dead and not a ghost. Just dead. Because I hate him. Al… well, Al I generally like but I did not like him much in this book. He seemed out of character to me and I didn’t like the character he had become.

I was discussing the book with my husband and it occurred to me I couldn’t pin point exactly why I loved this book so much. I think it just has to do with Rachel not being blamed for everything and how she seemed to be in control of the situations that were thrown at her. Also there’s the interaction between Rachel and Trent that just makes me smile and laugh. Thing is this series has seriously been lacking in something lately and that’s Ivy. She’s pretty much been written out of the stories. Sure she’ll be there, but she doesn’t DO anything, or speak much. It’s sort of sad because the first books what I really loved was Ivy and Rachel and Jenks. Their frienship, banter and how they were a team solving the problems. Now everything is Rachel, normally with Jenks around swearing and offering up snarky commentary and Ivy is absent.

I do hope that Ivy reappears in the next novel and actually has a role because I miss her.

Other than that, I had a great time reading this book and I wasn’t even going to buy it when it came out. I was going to wait until finances were more stable (read: available) and since I hadn’t really been wowed by the last two novels I thought I’d wait, but after losing Annie I needed something familiary

The Rachel Morgan/The Hollows series

  1. Dead Witch Walking
  2. The Good, The Bad & the Undead
  3. Every Which Way But Dead
  4. A Fistful of Charms
  5. For a Few Demons More
  6. The Outlaw Demon Wails
  7. White Witch, Black Curse
  8. Black Magic Sanction
  9. Pale Demon
  10. A Perfect Blood

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  • Liviania

    Buying this tomorrow (and getting it signed!!!)

    The last few left me a little cold too, so I’m glad to hear good things. Plus Trent is one of my favorite characters.

  • Kailana

    I need to try this series again. I liked the first book, but didn’t love it. Decided there were other series I wanted to read more, but still…

  • darla d

    Yay! I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed this one. I have it on my shelf at home, and I’m planning to read it when I finish my current book. Expectations are high, because each book just gets better than the last.

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