my muse

paper dolls

We are not paper dolls
We are not

We are unique
We are flawed
We are beautiful

We are human

We are not cookie-cutter cut outs
All smooth edges and perfect lines
We are not identical,
carbon copies
all produced on an assembly line

We are square pegs
in round holes
We are dissonant chords

And if we all sang
the same song
We’d be bored before too long

We are harmony
We are colours of the spectrum
We are prisms of light
We are scars
We are battles that
we’ve lost
and wars we rage
silently inside

We are loud
We scream out
We are not paper dolls
We are collections
of our fears, of our strengths
of our bravery and our tears

We are not perfect
and that’s exactly what makes us

We are proud
We are enough
We are worth it

we are worth it
we are worth it
we are human
we are worth it

© cjh
september 8, 2013


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