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Reading in 2010

My reading year started out strong. Dreamgirl by Lauren Mechling, Firespell by Chloe Neill and the discovery of the Percy Jackson series. I could tell by the books I started the year off with that 2010 was going to be a great year for reading.

I managed to read a few classics by joining the Time Quintet challenge, however fell short having only read the first three books by Madeline L’Engle and never getting to the last 2. I hope to get to those this year, however because I am trying to whittle down my TBR pile before I add many other books to it. (The books I bought with Christmas money do not count!)

There were a few duds and disappointments in the year as well. I seem to be the only person who didn’t like The Iron King by Julie Kagawa and though the rest of the reading world seems to be devouring her series, I couldn’t even finish the first book. I will say that series has some of the prettiest covers though.

The three books I adored the most this year are all written by Canadians. I find that amusing and just, brilliantly fantastic for my country. Those three books are:

Plain Kate – Erin Bow
The Day the Falls Stood Still – Cathy Marie Buchanan
Dragon Seer – Janet McNaughton

As I write this post, I have finished 120 books for the year. Those three stand out among them. These are books I recommend to people highly. These are books that struck a chord with me somehow. Each one is different yet each one captured me so completely that I still think about parts of the stories months after finishing them.

The 2010 Debut Author Challenge hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren allowed me to discover new authors that I would not have otherwise known of. Some books I had on my own radar, others were completely new to me. One of the most outstanding books was The Owl Keeper by Christine Brodien-Jones which my crappy library actually had in stock. This book surprised me in it’s story and world. I have been desperately hoping for a sequel to this enchanting dystopian middle grade book but I can’t seem to find any news on that front. Please, please, please Book Gods, let the author release another book in this series!

And of course some of my most anticipated books of 2010 were also well received. I am a huge fan of Michelle Harrison’s 13 Treasures series and the sequel 13 Curses arrived just in time for my birthday in January. That book did NOT disappoint and I find myself anticipating the final chapter in the series for 2011 – 13 Secrets comes out in January and I hope to have my copy by February. (*hint* *hint* Jenny & Michelle). The other highly anticipated novel was by another Harrison – Kim Harrison and her latest Rachel Morgan novel, Black Magic Sanction. I can’t say that I adored it as much as others in the series, but it still made me happy.

I managed to read more books this year than last year and that’s even with an abysmal reading record for February a and March (due to LASIK eye surgery) and an abysmal October and November. I’m happy with what I read. I wish I had read more of the books on my shelves though. Not being able to buy books for much of 2010 helped with that. I have been shopping my own shelves lately. You can take a look at my list of books read this year by clicking on the tab above “BOOKS READ” and then scrolling down to the year in question. I decided to keep track of the books AS I read them this year because last year it took me forever to make up that list in time for the end of the year. Ha! I shall do that again for 2011.

Do I have reading goals? Not really. Just read for fun like I normally do. If I am not getting into a book, set it aside and try something else.

I am happy with the reading I did this year, very Β happy. I read some of the most amazing stories in 2010 and I can’t wait to read more in 2011!

Happy New Year to my blog readers and Happy Reading in 2011!