i'm darkness and light, bubbles and faerie wings.
i am sparkles and glitter, shadows and clouds.
i love purple, and faeries, and books, and music.

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reason number #493 why i need a keeper

I got my eyebrow pierced at lunch.

11 comments to reason number #493 why i need a keeper

  • Get OUT! That’s freakin COOL

  • carolyn

    Whoohooo!!!!! You rock!!!!!!

  • squonk

    Cool! Gonna post a picture?

    I took the CBRs out of both eyebrows and put a curved barbell in the left one; left the right one alone. I let the 00-gague holes in my lobes close but I think they’re only gonna close to like an 8 or 10 or something. I was thinking of getting some new jewellery for those, and I’ve also been going back and forth *forever* about having my lip repierced. It didn’t take the first time, but it looked so freaking cool. What do you think?

  • hey there, i can’t believe you did it! good for you. there’s nothing like impulse to make you feel human. i spent my day doing laundry and cleaning and being grown up in general. it kinda sucked. mark and i are off to buy a gee-tar i hope. it’s 6:30 and i feel like nothing is going to be open. dangit! then apparently i’m going to some scary hardcore show with him. i mean, i wanna do something tonite, i’m just not sure if hardcore is the mood i’m in so much. meh. we’ll see, if i do manage to get a gee-tar, then maybe i’ll become a recluse for the next little while. hehe.
    take care darlin, see you and the eyebrow ring 2moro.

  • This doesn’t sound like the Cat I have known for so long. I demand evidence…

  • Photos? We MUST have photos.

  • Did it hurt? More then the tatto?

  • Cat

    betty.. I totally did. I wanted a new tattoo, but that I couldn’t fit in at lunch.

    carolyn… Chapagapago eat your heart out! Booyah! Your turn to get your nose done, babe!

    squonk… you’re less pierced?! YOU? Wow. Are you ok?? You should totally get the lip one again, I loved that one! I can’t believe you took out some of your piercings. I especially loved the eyebrow ones. Oh, and I got my left side pierced so I thought of you! 🙂 Next you’ll be telling me your hair is all normal….

    chelsea… THIS is why I need to do lunch with you. I’m blaming you. 😛

    ian… ahh… but deep down there is a rebel just dying to get out.

    meritt.. your wish. my command. etc. 🙂

    envoy-ette… not really. when I pierced my tongue three years ago THAT hurt. I miss that piercing actually.. they removed it when they removed my appendix… long story. 🙂

  • Young Anthony

    Tut, tut. 😯

  • squonk

    I am a little bit more toned down, because I like the sort of prepyy, boyish clothes look with small but visible touches of body jewellery for femininity and funk. 🙂 I didn’t think you saw the lip piercing–not the labret, but the CBR. I didn’t have that one for long.

    Heh, my hair is growing out so I’m styling it kind of up, with mousse and hairspray even. I need to get it cut and coloured. Also, my new glasses are small and rectangular and they’re actually clear plastic with thin, black stripes, but the stripes are so close together that the glasses mostly just look black, but have a lightness to them. Eh, I’ll have to take a picture.

    Your eyebrow ring looks awesome, but I liked the other pic you had up on the sidebar there. 🙂

  • Cat

    young one… oh hush. 😛

    squonk… you went all conservative on me. what the hell? 😀 And yes, I was thinking of the labret piercing, I didn’t know that you had the lip one. Cool. I thought you were just dumbing down the word “labret” so that I would know what you were talking about since I can never remember what that word means. haha! What the heck is CBR? Now you totally have to send me a photo of the New Preppy Squonk because I totally don’t believe you. *grin* And I liked the other photo too.. but… I felt I needed a change up on Ye Olde Sidebar so I put up that one. It’ll come down this weekend most likely if I can find the time to redo my blog. 🙂