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Seven Sorcerers

Seven Sorcerers
by Caro King

Nin had never liked Wednesdays, but this one took the biscuit. On this Wednesday she woke up to find that it was raining buckets and that her brother had ceased to exist. (

This book has been on my radar ever since I saw it online a couple of years ago while I was looking for something else – likely the UK edition of Kife by R.J. Anderson. I had had it on my Book Depository wishlist since I first laid eyes on it and finally, this Christmas took the plunge and ordered it with a few other titles. I was extremely excited for it to arrive and even more so when it did. This book, in real life, has such a beautiful cover. The art is almost breathtaking.

The story is enchanting and captivating and although it took me a couple of  chapters to figure out what this new world was I continued on and never looked back. The sad thing about reading this book is that I was expected to WORK this week and it seriously cut into my reading time. The  book is so enchanting that I didn’t want to put it down. I just wanted to hide in a corner, wrapped in a fluffy blanket and read and read and read.

Nin is twelve and her annoying 4-year old brother has vanished overnight. Her mother doesn’t remember him, nor do her grandparents. Even his room is devoid of any indication that she ever had a brother. Something tells Nin that whatever took her brother would be coming back for her so she sets a trap. This leads to an entirely magical adventure in another land where she meets Jonas, another lost boy and Skerridge, the bogeyman who tried to capture her. Nin is determined to get her brother back from the evil Mr. Stood and at the same time learns that she needs to help save the Drift world from a plague that is eating away all the magic.

This is one of those books that makes you feel as though you are actually along for the journey through the strange lands and running for your life and wondering at the magic you see before you. Nin starts off alone but soon has a little group of friends that surround her. She’s very lucky and that is her advantage.

I loved the characters in this story as well. From the evil ones to the good ones. They were all such interesting creations! I think I loved the interaction between Skerridge and Jik the mudman the best. Not to mention the conversation between Skerridge and The Dark.

As much as you know what is going to happen at the end, I didn’t know how it was going to all play out. I was surprised and pleased by all the events in the story and at some point I felt strong pulls of emotion from what was going on. I didn’t cry, buy my eyes threatened to tear up on a couple of occasions during the story making me realize just how into it I actually was.

I bought this and the sequel (although I don’t exactly think I knew it was a sequel when I added it to my cart, I just knew it was another pretty cover with a whimsical title) at the same time and hooooo boy am I glad I did! I finished this book when I got home from work last night and then we went out to watch a friend’s Jazz gig at a club where I seem to have gotten food poisoning, so I was up all night sick as anything and when I was feeling like I could focus on something, I started reading the second book. I finished that book this afternoon. Review to come this weekend. 😉

I am so very happy I made the decision to buy this book finally. I was excited from book purchase to story’s end about it. If you have not read this book yet, I would highly suggest you do! Especially if you loved Kate Forsyth’s The Puzzle Ring this story and writing is almost as great as Kate’s! 😉

I don’t think this series has a title…. but here they are in order. 😉


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