seven things on a sunday

seven things on a sunday – simple things

1. I could sit and stare out at water forever. I especially love staring out over water at sunset. If there are ducks or geese in the water, it makes me even happier. There’s something calming about water and something fresh in the air by water. I wish I had a nice spot to gaze out at water here at home. The photo above was taken at a place near my parents’ new home.

2. Windows open in the summer, with a cool breeze in the air, and the sounds of birds chirping. Bliss.

3. Getting a toilet paper holder for my wedding anniversary. Don’t laugh. It’s all I wanted so we went out and got one. Easy peasy anniversary.

You can only imagine how crazy we’ll get for our 10th anniversary. Watch out.

4. The smell of clean sheets fresh off the line in the summer sunshine.

5. Wandering barefoot through Jinx’s Garden to check on the veggies. We have many flowers on the coocumber vines, and I have already eaten three red, juicy tomatoes in the last week. The cherry tomatoes are slowly starting to ripen and the kale has been an added bonus to my sandwiches this week. The weeds have grown all over the darned place inbetween each garden plant, but otherwise things seem to be coming along pretty well.

6. Spending time with my husband. Yeah, I know; sap, sap, SAP. It’s true though. I especially love just driving around together and doing something simple like hitting up the grocery store. We always seem to burst into laughter when we’re driving or shopping (there is also a lot of cursing at bad drivers, and bad grocery shoppers, but ultimately, we laugh.) We don’t have to be doing anything fancy or exciting, just regular ol’ errands together makes me happy.

7. Pinwheels!



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  • Marilyn Healy

    I love all the things that make you happy and I should have picked up some Canada style pinwheels for you too!

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