seven things on a sunday,  the anomaly that is me

seven things on a sunday

1. Scents I love most: lemon, lavender, and patchouli. (Not together, of course. Although I do have an amazing lavender & patchouli soap that costs a pretty penny. It makes my whole bathroom smell lovely!)

2. I do not like even numbers. I will always sit in an odd-numbered seat if we have assigned, numbered seats somewhere. I will always pick an odd number for anything that I have to pick a number for. I do not feel at all comfortable with even numbers in my life. Unless it’s the number 8. I tend to like the number eight. For some reason it makes me think of the moon and I love the moon. No idea why, it just does.

3. I used to be only an autumn and winter person. Lately I am finding that I am becoming more of a spring and summer person. I still hate hot and humid days and I consider anything over 17C or 19C too warm, but the last few years I have been enjoying the spring and summer months. Maybe it’s just that I am becoming more of a person who appreciates each season as it happens for what it brings to my life. I do know that I am certainly a sun person over clouds. There have been way too many months in a row of grey, cold skies. I need the sun to regenerate my soul.

4. I am embarrassingly happy over the fact that 1990s fashion seems to be coming back in style. This is probably not something I should admit out loud, but I needed to put something on this blog to justify paying for my own site hosting all these years. =P I was a huge fan of overalls and floral skirts and dresses. Imagine my delight when I went into a store near work one day and saw an entire section of clothes I’d have worn (or at least wished I was brave enough to wear) when I was a teen (and early 20s). This one in particular is something I NEED to try on and buy:

Do I want to spend $45 on this? Not really. But if it actually fits me… I might. *shifty eyes*

(And let’s not talk about how it’s been 20 years since the 90s and I suppose the reappearance of 90s fashion now is like when 70s fashion came back in style for a while in the 90s. Oh, boy.)

5. Proof that I am getting old: I bought a bunch of discounted Laura Secord easter eggs after Easter not because of the chocolate eggs – oh, no! – but because they came in decorative tin boxes and I loved the little boxes. So I bought two more after the one I bought before Easter. JUST FOR THE TIN. I still have 2 eggs in the fridge because they are too rich for me to eat now. These are sad times.

6. I don’t actually like chocolate. This tends to shock people for some reason. When you don’t like chocolate people act like you’ve told them you have an extra limb or head or something. It’s sort of annoying. But it’s true. I am not a fan of chocolate. I will eat some occasionally but I need to be in the mood for it. I also don’t like wine, or beer. I don’t like ice cream (yet another “I have a second head” reaction.) I especially don’t like chocolate ice cream. 😉

7. If I read about food in a book I suddenly NEED to have that food. I want it. Especially if it’s a fantasy book – I need to make myself some stew or eat hunks of bread with cheese. If I’m reading a mystery novel (like J.D. Robb’s In Death series) I need coffee and/or pizza. Drives my husband crazy. heh

So there you are. A post on this blog so that it’s not so neglected anymore, and a post that isn’t about running or PTSD. I feel so accomplished right now.

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