life with dogs,  sophie

Shhhh, don’t speak. You’ll ruin the moment.

Poor Sophie wasn’t very happy to be let out of her crate when we got home from work only to be put back in 20 minutes later when we had to go back out. (Side note – if she stopped eating our furniture and shoes when we were out, she’d not have to be crated all the time!)

Shawn was holding her up, ready to put her in her crate, I took the opportunity to kiss her snout because she was so cute. I also started to say, “Don’t worry, Sophie, we’ll be back soon.” but I only got to “we’ll” when she slowly moved her paw and placed it over my mouth, totally closing it.

She did this so slowly and gently it was almost as though she was saying “No. Don’t say another word. You’ll just make it worse. Shhhhh, Mummy. Shhhhh. Just go. Go and don’t look back.”

We just stood there for a minute laughing and she kept her paw on my mouth. If only we had a camera around and a photographer or something to have captured that. It was hilarious!

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