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sleepless, thankful it’s sunday

What a night. I hate sleepless nights and I will admit that it’s mostly my fault. Still, I was very happy that it was Sunday today so I didn’t have to think about going into work.

The first thing that happened was that Jinx threw up all over the rug as I was getting up to go to bed. It wasn’t just a little either. Ugh. So I stood outside with the flashlight (the night before we had skunks in the area, so there was no way I was adding skunk spray to the evening!) while Shawn cleaned up the carpet so I wouldn’t puke all over it too. 😉 Poor Jinx then proceeded to poop all over the yard and looked so sad. He came right over to me when he was done and just turned his bum to me. Now, having dogs with really long fur, we have to, on occasion, do a bum check to make sure everything is clean, etc. The dogs hate this and who wouldn’t really? How often do you like to bend over and show someone your butt when they ask? But this poor sick little pup came right over and turned around because he knew I would have to clean up for him. This isn’t something we generally have to do with Jinx. Mostly it was with Annie as she got older, but I am still wondering what the neighbours must think of us.

We hosed Jinx off and I went up to bed. It was cool enough last night that we had the fans on with the window open in the bedroom and I found it cool enough to fall asleep without turning the a/c on. When Shawn came up to bed I woke up and was warm, but there was still a little breeze. A breeze that would have had me sleeping like a baby had it been the middle of the day. So I kept telling myself it was cool enough to sleep and we didn’t need the a/c.

Cut to 3 hours of tossing and turning later when I was sleepless because though my skin was cool I kept feeling warm, but then the breeze would hit and I’d doze but then wake up again warm, uncomfortable and hazy. Then at 4:00 am I heard Jinx starts to cough which to me signaled that he was going to be sick again. So I threw on something appropriate to wear outside at 4 in the morning, made him wait inside while looking for skunks with the “Don’t you dare get sick on anything inside, you wait” warning to him and then sat outside with Jinx for 25 minutes while he wandered around and pooped some more. He positioned himself bum first to me at the end (though this time it wasn’t as bad) and I went back upstairs.

This time I closed the window and the bedroom door and switched that a/c back on, like I should have done at midnight. The second that room cooled off I was falling asleep deeply until… my OWN stomach flipped and I had to run to the bathroom. My stomach does not like to not sleep and of course I should have expected rebellion on its part when 5am came around and I hadn’t slept a wink since midnight.

Once that was over I slept restlessly until about 9am. Sadly, it’s only about 3 hours of sleep and I know I’ll be napping later this afternoon (with the bloody a/c on!). But thankfully it’s Sunday. Yes, we have errands to run (our main floor toilet broke last night and we have to try and find the parts to fix it) but at least I can do that with messy hair, crummy clothes and not have to sit at a desk for 8 hours.

Tonight that a/c will be on and Jinx had best not be sick because I have a long work day ahead of me tomorrow. 😉

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