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so, here’s that thing, right? the one everyone has been doing? so, yeah, here it is

Various friends have been doing this and I actually thought it was a neat idea. But I thought I might mix it up a little and not only post the first sentence of the first post of each month [I think that’s the rule, right?] but if something happened that month, I would list it as well. A LOT has happened to me this past year, so I figure, hey! why not?

January (79 posts) : it’s now January 1st here in Montreal.
[wow, I’m full of excitement, I can just see where this post is going!]

  • dogs got incredibly sick on a treat and threw up and crapped all over the apartment. Had to take them to the vet and have them rehydtrated.
  • turned 30 on January 23
  • had a week off from work

February (40 posts) : I would like them to stop.
[in reference to nightmares]

  • Jinx turned 1 on Febuary 28
  • applied for a new job at the end of February

March (20 posts) : Take me Out – Franz Ferdinand
[I am in awe of how thrilling I am… I need to start writing better posts on the first of the month!]

  • Annie turned 8 on March 7
  • Shawn turned 29 on March 15
  • after interviews and tests all month, found out I got the new job on March 24
  • March 27 our apartment burns down

April (27 posts) : Noone ever really talks about the aftermath of a tragedy.

  • started my new job on April 10
  • bought my purple guitar

May (26 posts) : Halooooooo, everybody!!!!
[a post written by Jinx himself]

  • Jinx was “tutored”

[wow, I’m dull]

June (26 posts) : First I thought, maybe I won’t post today because I don’t feel like it.

  • had my first mammogram (in preparation for the reduction surgery)
  • er…nothing else of note, really.

July (40 posts) : I appear to have randomly lost 6 lbs.
[and that’s BEFORE the surgery!]

  • first year wedding anniversary on July 2
  • breast reduction surgery on July 7
  • Chelsea moves back to BC on July 18
  • went to Just for Laughs Comedy Gala with Shawn

August (35 posts) : I have two She-Ra songs in my head.
[how’s that for random, eh?]

  • got a cute Tinker Bell hat from Cindy-Lou
  • got to see my cousin Sheryl who was in town for a wedding
  • Shawn was working 50 billion hours a week and I hardly ever saw him
  • allure of living with in-laws wearing off and QUICKLY

September (25 posts) : I really should have little notes that I carry around with me all the time.

  • found out through phone call from former neighbour that our landlord was planning on moving into OUR apartment
  • confirmed with rat bastard landlord that he changed the construction of the building and now we had nowhere to live
  • through various dealings with rental board and rat bastard landlord found out he gets away with it and we get nothing
  • ended up getting three months rent
  • had a weekend away with Shawn and went to Upper Canada Village
  • came back sick as dogs with possible Plague of Yore
  • Shawn still working 50 billion hours a week
  • very tired of father-in-law
  • VERY emotional month… more so than the fire.

October (20 posts) : 10AM and I’m here at the computer in my jammies, having just gotten out of bed moments ago.
[should I have posted the first line of the lyric in block quotes on this post? Meh, I’m just going with what I wrote]

  • aside from the drama and anxiety surrounding the apartment fight with rat-bastard landlord nothing much
  • we were SUPPOSED to move back to the apartment mid-October
  • found out insurance screwed us over too and were told we had to get all our things out of storage by the end of the month – when did I find this out? TWO DAYS before October 31 (we ended up making a deal and got the stuff in November)
  • started getting sicker since September, now it was starting to concern me

November (27 posts) : Why do people find it funny to automatically say “you’re pregnant!” whenever you’re not feeling well?
[That will teach them! Turns out it’s a mystery liver ailment, take that! stupid non-funny people!]

  • ended up in hospital after illness got worse and I was throwing up water for 4 days.
  • sent home and told “it’s a virus” only to find out almost 2.5 weeks later I have a “liver problem” and now must wait until Emergency Appointment on January 10, 2007 to find out more
  • finally had my first week of vacation since JANUARY and spent the week with Shawn
  • also picked up all our belongings from insurance warehouse and brought it back to in-laws to stay in their guest rooms on November 24
  • dentist appointment during week proves No Cavity Record still stands – 30 years, people!

December (27 posts…and counting) : It’s been a while since I have posted dog photos, or since I even took any for that matter.

  • work becomes so stressful that I seriously think about quitting after almost breaking down in Big Boss’ office
  • celebrated first Christmas ever without snow
  • got to see Marcel! (December 22)
  • got to see Jill! (December 26)
  • bought our new bed (to be delivered when we have a new home) and got free PURPLE sheets and a pink Serta sheep 🙂
  • realization that I am boring as all get out and need to write more exciting things in 2007!! 🙂


  • Stace

    I thought about you when hubby kissed me at midnight – and I hope that Karma turns your way and you get a lovely home with more perks than you dreamed of – and live happily to pay that schmuck back for taking your place.

  • Cat

    Monkeymonkeymonkey – I actually find you much more interesting that I! It could just be that you write better about things though 😛

    Stace – thank you. If we’re lucky maybe we’ll find a place with a plethora of goats! 🙂