pook house



I mean, the stress and anxiety aren’t completely out of the picture, but at least our house is sold! That was a very long six months. I am so thankful to have a friend who is also a wonderful real estate agent, and is much better at being calm than I am. I am also thankful that we don’t have to go sit in our car for an hour, with two dogs and a cat, in some random parking lot so people can look at our house for 5 seconds.

And so much floor cleaning. My gods. Not that we live in filth, but we don’t clean like someone’s about to judge our house from floor to ceiling every second day.

The housing market here is much slower than where we’re heading to in Ontario. There, houses sell within hours. Crazy I tell you!

The job hunt is in full swing, and the house hunt has run into an obstacle but not an insurmountable one. Looks like we will be renting a place while we wait for the perfect house to buy. It’s king of disappointing, and frustrating, but it’s not the end of the world. And it’s a normal thing that happens all the time. We simply didn’t want to move all our stuff TWICE in a short amount of time. (Hello, 300-pound treadmill.) But it’s better than ending up in a place we don’t really like, right?

I keep telling myself that.

Mostly, I am just relieved that our house has sold and that we are one step closer to living in Ontario.

Isn’t that just the prettiest of signs? It sure is!

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