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spackling – my new calling in life

I don’t think I have ever thought of spackle as something relaxing, but I swear to god it’s one of the most cathartic things ever to fill in little holes on the wall with plaster and smooth it all out. I was having so much fun!

The painting, however? Not so much fun as… OW! Darnitall my lower back is KILLING me! I didn’t think I could get off the couch earlier this evening. Jeez.

I woke up about a quarter after eight this morning (ugh, and it’s a long weekend, too!) my throat is still really bothering and so after I made my self a nice cup of tea, I broke out the painting supplies. By ten to nine I had taped the floor and the ceiling and put the paper and plastic cover thing down and started to paint. Shawn got up a little after ten and by then I had pretty much finished the wall by the backdoor and we started on the wall on the side of the kitchen. By 12:30 two walls were done – not even full walls and I was ready to collapse. Ugh. Of course I also hadn’t eaten yet…

So we ordered chicken, watched some TV and then went back up around three to put on the second coat on the two walls.

It’s a little difficult to tell how dark the new green is, but it’s really nice. As you can tell, the wall on the right of the photo looks really yellow next to the new paint. Hard to imagine it’s really green. More like a tennis ball. Ugh. It was nice at the time, but after a year with the walls so obvious without furniture in the room and then with our new furniture it just didn’t work. It was way too yellow-y for me and when the sun it it boy did it aggravate me!

Tomorrow Shawn has to work and I have the day off. My intention was to paint the front wall with the window, but with the way my back is feeling today I might just leave it until next weekend when we do the full wall. We’re breaking it up because a) OW! and b) the dogs will have nowhere to go if we moved all the furniture to the middle and they are out of sorts enough as it is with just a couple of things moved around. Plus, Annie has a tendency to lay against walls when she lies down and she’ll just be stuck to the wall. As it is she already slipped on the plastic sheet on the floor, wiped out and skidded through some drops of paint on the sheet and we had to give her a strategic fur trimming since green isn’t really one of her official colours.

I will be very happy when the room is complete. The darker olive-like green really makes a difference in the room – for the better, thankfully.

When I haven’t been painting, or buying paint supplies, I have been reading up a storm this weekend. I have already gone through two of the four books I bought on Friday. I have one review up so far and am working on the second (in-between reading and painting, of course!) over on my book blog. I like books. Yum.

I also love sunrises and sunsets. Tonight I had fun with the sunset through my front window.

I rather like this shot.

Oh! We also had the in-laws over for dinner (finally!) last night and Shawn and I made our baked pasta thingy that we made back in December when my boss came over. It was yummy. I made cherry pie (I only ever make cherry pie…) and Shawn’s mother made Shawn a belated birthday cake, so we had a lot to choose from for dessert! There will be other chances to have the entire family over again and this time, hopefully, the guests won’t fall like dominoes to illness and back pain like this time. Probably in the summer months when we can have a BBQ! And have the backyard available to us for more room to wander around. By the summer, I am HOPING that our yard won’t still be filled with 10 feet of snow (not kidding…).

How was YOUR Easter weekend?


  • foradifferentkindofgirl

    I love the color you’ve chosen! My house needs painted again, but the sheer thought of doing it (in addition to the huge vaulted ceiling in my front room) scares me away for now!

    I shelve those books all the time! There’s a few YA books I want to read, but right now, I’m in the middle of “No Country For Old Men,” “The Ruins,” “Lamb,” and “Haunted”. One of these days I’ll start and finish ONE book at a time!

  • mindsprite

    Love the new paint color. It looks much more relaxing and soothing than the tennis ball color! I hear you on the back pain, sister. Apparently digging holes and planting big plants has the same effect as painting.

    And that is a GREAT photo of you!

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