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Swift (Book 1)
by R.J. Anderson

Ivy sensed the stone hurtling towards her and rolled – too late. Heat scored across her back in a blaze of dazzling pain. The ground spiralled to meet her, and she knew it would only be seconds before she hit…

Ivy is a determined young faery, living in an abandoned tin mine with her clan. In a cruel twist of fate she was born without wings, and she longs to fly like the others. When she meets an enigmatic stranger, he seems to offer an answer. But there is more to him than meets the eye… (goodreads.com)

I don’t think R.J. Anderson can write a book I won’t adore. I say this after having just read four books that she’s written – no, wait, scratch that – FIVE books that she’s written (here, here, here, here AND this one). (And I say this even though I might have liked some books better than others because I always finish her books feeling so happy and sated!) Her books are packed with characters, dialogue, worlds and plots that completely take you away from real life and immerse you into a story you never want to end. I know that sentence is choppy and crappy, but it’s the only way how I feel is coming to me in words. Mostly I feel R.J. Anderson’s books as bright flashes of colour, the scent of cinnamon (I don’t know why, I just do) and swirls of happiness.

You may have noticed that Swift‘s cover was up on my side bar as “Currently Reading” for some time and yet the blog posts I was writing were of other books. You might have also noticed that Swift vanished from my sidebar for a while and then reappeared, yet there was still no post about the book. I assure you this has nothing to do with the book itself and everything to do with my lack of reading ability. A book that I am desperate to read can’t be read half-assed. Since I couldn’t devote my attention to the story with 100% I was avoiding reading it because it wasn’t fair to the book. I wouldn’t have loved it as much as I knew I loved it if I forced myself to read it. So I read other things that I could pick up and put down or that meshed a little better with my ADD attitude.

I love to savour everything about R.J. Anderson’s stories. From the characters to the descriptions, I need to be fully focused on the story because it’s an entire package. Sensory overload, but in a good way.

I truly enjoyed Ivy as a character. She was brave, smart and curious. She wanted to protect her family but find out the truth. She was different from the other piskies not only because she didn’t have wings but because of her attitude towards life and right or wrong. I even began to enjoy her relationship (for what it’s worth) with Richard – a character I knew I’d read before but couldn’t place him until the end. 😉

For those of you wondering, Swift isn’t in the same series as the Faery Rebels, but it’s set in the same world. Swift begins an entirely new series, and I believe it to be a trilogy as well. (Yes?) I am very eager to read more about Ivy and the piskies because Big Things seem to be happening and I’ll admit, I am hooked and curious.

Oh, and sadly (maybe?) this is one of those cases where a lovely Canadian author’s books are out in the UK before they are in North America – BUT! – I believe Book Depository has fixed their problem with blocking UK book orders from outside of the UK. I know I was able to order this book just fine, but I don’t know if that’s just because I am in Canada OR if you can also order it from the US. I would HIGHLY recommend you check it out if you love faeries and fantasy and totally excellent story telling. All of my R.J. Anderson books are UK editions (because they are just so much prettier! Also, because they are paperback. Woot!) and I have loved every single one and been proud to tell everyone they are by a Canadian. 😉

Swift series

  1. Swift
  2. Nomad – 2013

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  • Is it sad that I haven’t even heard of R.J. Anderson? Don’t worry, after reading your review I’ve added this one to my TBR list. I figure any author that has a loyal follower who is willing to swear by their books (as you seem to do for her?) is worth me at least giving a try. Thanks for bringing this to my attention!