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On January 23 I turned 37.

I’m normally very vocal about my birthdays but this year I felt quite about things. Not due to my age, not one bit. I just feel quieter this year. This hasn’t stopped me from having many birthday festivities, though. I mean, I still get Birthday Week and this year it has sort of stretched into a Birthday Month and a Half. 😉 When my parents stayed with us in early January, my mum made me my favourite birthday meal. Then I had a friend in from out of town and along with some other friends, we had a birthday dinner (that I cooked) on January 19 – which is actually my sister’s birthday. (And sister mine, if you are reading this, I still need to get over there and give you the hand-made card and your gifts! Oops.) Shawn got me my presents early and I have been playing with one since. I just had another birthday dinner this weekend at my in-laws’ place and in February I’ll be celebrating once more with other friends as one of our group will be back in town for the weekend. I was taken to lunch by my two bosses on my actual birthday and then we had a group lunch for myself and another coworker on Friday.

Birthdays come with a lot of food and cake. 😉

So, here are some photos of the last couple of weeks, just so I have a place holder on my blog when I look back years from now to see how I rocked my entry into my 37th year.

A treasure hunt was set out for me upon my return from work on January 17. The surprise as the end was my very own Cards Against Humanity  game. Shawn had this printed up and then he and a coworker cut up the cards one afternoon. I had this in time for my dinner party on the weekend. I will not tell you how long it took me to figure out the riddles to the next clues… ugh. I felt so stupid! haha

The BIG gift (which my in-laws’ chipped in on) was this here fancy pants DSLR camera! I have been looking at the Canon Rebel for a few years now and could never justify the price but I have wanted a decent entry level camera for some time. A well-timed sale and my research into what I wanted to use, yielded the Canon Rebel EOS T31. I still have a ton to learn about how to use this, but I have been having fun experimenting with it so far.

On the morning of January 19 I went out to a fancy Japanese paper store with my friend Dylann, who is to blame for my current card-making obsession. I’m all about fancy paper, stickers and hand-made cards now. My husband is thrilled. It was super snowy that day and the roads were horrible, so of course I was having people over for dinner and we needed to use the car a lot. I know how to pick the days.

Dylann and I needed food before we set to crafting and we ended up at this place without even a sign on the door. I posted this photo on Facebook and a friend named it for me. The Sparrow. I think, anyhow. I even checked in ON facebook in hopes that the GPS thing would pull up the name of the place. Anyhow, the food was so good I am STILL thinking about it over a week later. It had gluten free options, too. People keep telling me it’s a place for hipsters, but by golly, if that’s the kind of food hipsters eat? Just call me a hipster.

I made the Betty Crocker gluten-free birthday cake and it was so good. In fact, I think I might like it better than regular birthday cake. And this, my friends, is a BIG DEAL when it comes to me and vanilla birthday cake. I fought with the icing, but it turned out ok in the end. As I was cursing and swearing at the icing as I made it, Dylann patiently ironed all the scraps of paper I bought at the paper store. Dylann is a treasure I am so glad I found. 😉

Click me for a bigger regal experience!

Jinx is a delight to experiment with my camera on. Sophie doesn’t stay still enough to get a photo, but Jinx will hold poses forever. I was thrilled with the detail that comes out when I use my new Canon camera on the dogs. Absolutely thrilled. (Click photo to enlarge a little bit. I don’t have the full-sized photos up though.)

RRRRrrrrrroooOOOOOoooooOOOO!! Stop taking my photo!

Sophie is the complete opposite of a delight to photograph. I’m surprised as anything when I manage to capture a clear shot of her that isn’t her bum or a tail zooming off camera. I caught her this Saturday RRRrrroooooooOOOooing at Shawn as he pretended to chase her around the yard. Yesterday’s -18C temperature felt almost spring-like after coming off a week of -34C. We spent quite a bit of time outside in the back yard.

One of the things I am most excited for with my new camera is the possibilities I have for capturing sunsets. I know you all know I have an obsession with sunsets, so you’ll not be surprised when I realized how wonderfully this camera captured them.

Click me for a bigger sunset experience!

This sunset on January 24 was EXACTLY how I saw it with my own eyes. I cannot wait for more glorious sunsets to come this year. I might even get some of these printed up and made into art for my walls. Man, I love sunsets.

My mother-in-law also made me the Betty Crocker gf cake (yum!) and I was just enamoured by these candles. They were just so cute! Little cupcake things… of course I had to play with my camera before blowing them out. I am impressed with the low-light results with this camera. I love my camera.

Oh, I also started Operation New Age New Hair… on my birthday I cut it after my shower. I was going to wait for the weekend but it was driving me crazy. I don’t know how you people with long hair do it. Mine was just reaching the top of my shoulders and I couldn’t do anything without inhaling it or eating it. Ugh. So Wednesday night I cut all the pink ends off. My plan was to bleach it and then dye it bright read (like real red, as in a primary colour red) and black, but the store is out of red dye. Until they have it in stock I didn’t know what to do… but then… the bleach turned the purple in my hair a bright pink. I slept on it for a day and then decided I will keep it like this until my dye is back in stock.

I feel like bubblegum and JEM! I finally have Jem hair, after decades of dreaming I could be a cartoon character! If any of you recall the doll from the 80s she had these yellow-blonds roots and then the pink… and that’s how my hair has gone just from bleaching it. I LOVE IT!  (This was right before we got in the car on the way to my in-laws’.)

Can I just take a moment to be all excited about the fact that I am starting to have muscle definition in my arms from doing push-ups every day? I might not have lost all the weight I wanted to by now, but by golly, I have nicer arms than I ever had. Yay for muscle! Now if only it didn’t weigh more than fat… hmm.

And to conclude this very long post.. a photo of all three dogs from Saturday night…

Aren’t they precious? It’s very interesting when someone goes near the front door at my in-laws’ place. One of the only times Sophie wil stand still AND because she was focused on the door, she didn’t notice I was taking a photo. HA!

And a PS –

Without fail, when my father-in-law gets a new hat, I will notice it (but not realize it’s a new acquisition at the time) and I will steal it and put it on my head (I put a lot of things on my head. It’s a thing.) I happen to think I look rather adorable in this one, if I do say so myself. It goes very well with my new pink hair. Happy birthday to ME! (Ok, I left the hat there and didn’t take it home, but I think I need one just like it. Yes?)

The end.

birthday hair

It’s been over 2 years since my last trip to see Awesome Dan due to a lack of money and time to spend getting my hair all rock-starred up. It was my own decision after the last debacle and over the summer I attempted various things with my hair none of which I was completely thrilled with, even if it did provide me with momentary amusement. I don’t know what changed, but this month I had a serious desire to book an appointment and have my hair done professionally for my birthday.

It just so happened that the Friday a week before my birthday fell on a payday. (Or the other way around, rather). I phoned my first week back at work and booked an appointment. I knew it would take forever, but this time around I was mentally prepared for the 4 hour appointment. I had a great time. Yes, it was 4 hours, but that’s because I have my hair dyed & bleached, heated up, rinsed, washed, dried, then have the funky colours applied, cook for another 30 mins, rinse, wash, this time with a treatments, then dried and cut. The last 2 times I went – I never got it cut and the appointments were OVER 5 hours. Gah. Everything went well this time. I actually would have only been 3.5 hours, but I didn’t know there was a treatment with this new hair colour product (which I ADORE). So it added 25 mins and made it 4 hours.

This is the result:

When I got home last night I tried to take photos in various parts of the house searching for the proper lighting to show off the colours, but alas, taking photos at 11:30 PM in my house will result in low light. (We went to dinner after the hair appointment, I wasn’t at the salon until 11!)

I finally found on area that reflected the hot pink and purple decently, but someone snuck into my photo. *tsk*

Creative side-shot trying to get a close-up of the streaks.

And the other side… I love the way Awesome Dan cut my hair, too. I had this shape more or less  but he sharpened it for me.

This is me first thing in the morning. The great thing about having your hair done with Awesome Dan is that it is so sleek and shiny that it just stays in shape while you sleep. If only my hair was like this all the time! I thought I’d try to capture the colours with the natural light from my kitchen window. Shows up much better!

The one problem with sleek and shiny new hair is that it slips all over the place when you move. This wasn’t what I was going for, but my hair fell as I snapped the shot. I kind of like it. 😉

when does one become to old to be a Rock Star?

[WARNING: self absorbed post ahead!]

awesome dan the floating headI certainly hope it’s not at the age of 31 – because I will be 31 in a handful of days and, Dude! I certainly feel like a Rock Star! All because of Awesome Dan. I have him to thank for my hair. I love it. even though I look like a retard in this photo and Awesome Dan looks like a disembodied head, I had to take a photo of the two of us before I left. I need to shout it out on the rooftops how awesome Awesome Dan is! I’ve totally got myself some rockin’ Birthday Bowling hair happening and I love Awesome Dan. He not only makes great hair, he’s a fun guy to hang out with for three plus hours… and how many hair stylists actually sing to you while doing your hair? Huh? Not many I would gather.

So I couldn’t decide on red or purple so as I was saying this to Awesome Dan we both exclaimed at the same time “why not BOTH?”. So my dear friends, I now have black hair with purple and red streaks.

It is very difficult to take a photo of black hair in dim lighting. This was the best shot I could get trying to show the colours. Each streak of hair is multi-coloured. Rather than just doing one strand red (which is really a little more fushia) and one strand purple, he mixed it up. Each strand he was colouring has a funky pattern of both colours. Roots purple, middle red, ends purple. Or outside edge red and middle purple. It was cool to watch.

The back is short and the front is long. The flash kept making yellow streaks show up in the middle there. Stupid flash. Without the flash it just looks like a black blob. Bangs are black, then I have a thick strip that’s red and purple and the rest is black.

And of course he straightened it as per usual. It’s really the only time I can ever get my hair to be straight and perfect. I am in love with Awesome Dan!

Baby, I’m so cool I’m hot! Admit it, you all want to see Awesome Dan and have him Rock-a-fye you!

trying to fit a whole day’s work into half of one is difficult

I am off to see Awesome Dan and have my Rock Star Birthday Hair appointment. Not sure what colours I will go. Black and… red? Purple? Both? I’ll have a little chatty with him and we’ll see.

I am getting all primped up just for Monkey’s arrival. *rawr*

Birthday Bowling Extravaganza!!!

First off, I have to say that I had a blast last night once we actually got to the bowling party. I suppose at 30 I have now become a diva, spending 4.5 hours in a salon, texting and phoning away on my cell as my hair gets done and then showing up an hour late for my own party… what can I say? 2006 is the Year of Diva Cat.

my excellent bowling form

I have to offer my deepest apologies for showing up so late… Friday afternoon just turned into one major fustercluck and one thing went wrong after another. My hair appointment was for 4:00pm… I thought I would have more than enough time, as I have only ever been there for a maximum of 2.5 hours if I was having my hair dyed and cut. Turns out I was there a lot longer. First of off I was taken 20 minutes late… then after a bunch of stuff was applied, died and poked… My wicked cool black hair with candy red highlights was… GOLD!! Dear God. We were already after 7pm and I was supposed to be HOME by then.

Thank goodness Chelsea was around for most of it… when she got off work at 7 she came to see me. My new hair stylist (who by the way, I did love!) was very good at keeping me calm and was sorry about the mistake (which I will not go into and do not blame him for). But we had to sort of start all over again and reapply something else that would hopefully STAY red when it was washed out. All this time I was telling Chelsea to phone home and talk to Shawn, she was checking my voice mail and getting me food. She is one kick ass personal assistant. She is my rock. I have said this many times during the wedding prep and I say it again. CHELSEA IS THE BEST THING TO HAPPEN TO ME IN A LONG TIME. AND I ? ? ? HER!! [thanx, darlin’!!]

In the end, Shawn picked us up downtown outside the salon and it was close to 8:30. We were supposed to BE at the bowling alley between 8:00-8:30. Oops. Do you think ONE person there would have had a cell phone? Yeah. That would have helped.

We got there about 9:00ish. I felt so awful, but everyone was nice to me about it (I think because it was my birthday party) and really, the first thing they saw was my hair (which rocks, yo). So.. it’s all good. We played three games and were only 5 lanes, we didn’t get 30 people in the end. Which, I was fine with and I am totally indebted to Sean from work for taking care of everything while I was late. And the bookstore gang all chipped in and paid for Shawn and my games. I love my coworkers (not all, just these ones *snicker*).

And I have a lot of photos. I passed my camera around and ended up with 70 pics for the night. Not all came out mind you, but most did. So, I am trying something new.. I am using my Yahoo account and making photo albums. It’s a lot less time consuming and takes up less space on my server. So, please click HERE to see the photos!! [please let me know if this works or not.. if you can’t get to it leave me a comment and I’ll email you an “invite” to see them!]

shawn and moi

This year I had a pretty good idea of how my camera worked… unlike last year where 98% of the photos came out blurry. [except for the one above where the flash was odd and I didn’t realize it so I thought my camera was broken… but in my defence? Someone else was using my camera before me and I didn’t even notice they accidentally turned off the flash :)] It’s at times like this I wish blogger never ate my old blog and I could still link to last year’s posts. Ah, well.

sexxy bowling chic

Chelsea and I were stuck in our work clothes, hence the goth bowling chic we’ve got going on here. I was going to change when I got home and Chelsea had brought a change of clothes to change into when we got to my place… but since we never got there…we’re super sexxy bowlers, yo!

Thanks to all who came and all who gave me things. 🙂 I love you all. I am a very happy (almost) 30-year old. 🙂