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    best birthday card ever!

    This was made for my by my sister and my niece and it just about made my night last night – and that’s even AFTER having a delicious homemade roast beef dinner and then birthday cake all made by my Mummy! More on birthday festivities later, but I had to share this awesome card with everyone!

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    birthdays by decade

    It’s a little late, but last week’s dinner got postponed to this week and I don’t have a scanner, so! Here is a photo of yours truly at the young age of 10 (in 1986), the semi-young age of 20 (1996) and this year at 30 (2006 :)). January 23, 1986 (thereabouts) I’m a little amused that this is the only shot I have with my cake. Heh. Not sure why I was sticking my tongue out.. this was at a birthday party with friends from school. Aren’t I cute? January 23, 1996 (thereabouts) Here I am at my grandparents’ old place (they moved into a senior’s apartment 2 years…

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    under the weather

    You know that’s a really odd saying. Aren’t we always under the weather? I mean, weather is all around us, right? At any rate… I am home sick today. Mini-migraine behind my right eye and my stomach is sick. Ugh. I feel like crap. I will be spending my day in bed. Despite all the crap that happened yesterday, I did have a pretty good birthday. A friend at work made me a mini-cheesecake, which was really good. I only had a little piece of it though since I was feeling queasy most of the day. I got a card from my Uncle and Aunt in Florida, I got a…

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    Birthday bowling was a fun time… despite the entire saga and drama that lead up to it. And I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE my hair, yo!