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i am sparkles and glitter, shadows and clouds.
i love purple, and faeries, and books, and music.

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blogust the twelfth: favourite book(s)

Day 12 – Your favourite book(s) and why.

Oh boy! Oh boy! A post about BOOKS! I love books! Almost as much as I love music, Sarah McLachlan and Jem!

I have three favourite books, and by extension, series. And they all have to do with witches. Go figure!

Book(s) the FIRST!

The Secret Circle (The Initiation / The Captive / The Power) – by L.J. Smith

When I was fourteen or so, I found the first book in this series in W.H. Smith in Plattsburgh (I loved that bookstore!). I was devouring all the RL Stine books at the time and this just jumped out at me. At the same time, I had a friend who loved the Vampire Diaries series by the same author, but I couldn’t care less. I hated vampires (and still do). I was all about the WITCHES. Because I was going to BE a witch. I was just waiting for those powers to kick in any day. Bring it on! I have read these books so many times, the pages are just so fragile. I can’t imagine my life without this set of books. They have a place of honour on my shelf. When I branched the bookish talk on this blog onto my book blog way back in 2007, these were one of the first books I wrote about. You know what? I need to reread these books again this summer. I have been feeling down and out and I think they will pick me right up. Also… don’t even try and mention the short-lived, crappy, CW attempt at making this show, ok? I refused to acknowledge it because they RUINED EVERYTHING GREAT ABOUT THIS SERIES and then it was cancelled. Oh, yes, I was very smug about that. TAKE THAT, YOU RUINING BASTARDS AT CW!


Book(s) the Second!

Polgara the Sorceress – by David & Leigh Eddings

I discovered this gem of a book when I worked at Coles bookstore (1998-2001). Believe it or not, of all the books I borrowed off my fantasy-loving father, I NEVER came across The Belgariad. Which is a huge shock if I think about it. I had NO clue that that epic fantasy series existed when I read Polgara! For shame! I quickly fell madly in love with this sorceress and when I grow up I want to be her (and Jem!). This is yet another book I have reread so many times it’ s a fragile entity on my shelf. Of course I quickly went through all 11 other books that came out before this once I was done. I’m sort of happy I read it as ass-backwards as I did, because I had a whole bunch more insight into the series and I think it made me love it more. This is still my ultimate favourite of them all though. Polgara is one kick-ass lady! I should reread this one, too. Hmm.

Book(s) the Third!

The Witches of Eileanan (Book 1) – Kate Forsyth

This is the first book in a series of six and I also happened upon it in the fantasy section of Coles (my boss and I had the BEST sci-fi/fantasy section of all the mall stores!) Once more a story about witches, sorceresses and fantasy. Are you catching a theme here? Of the six books I think the first and second remain my favourites. There’s just something so wonderful about this first book from the descriptions to the world of Eileanan to Isabeau and her journey. The entire book was just one fantastical discovery after another and although it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, it’s possibly my favourite fantasy series of all time (yes, even ABOVE The Belgariad!)

And yes, although there have been non-fantasy type books that I have adored, my tastes tend to run in the same direction. Magic, witches, whimsy… and you have me. Although Polgara never was able to hide the white streak in her hair, I suppose being her would totally conflict with my magical power of changing my hair at will. I’ll have to work that kink out before I become all powerful.


Instagram Photo a Day 

Photo a Day August: Day 12 – Spoon: I got this spoon at a farmer’s market in Ottawa when I was visiting Monkey, many moons ago. I love it to pieces. I call it my Witch’s Spoon (wow – totally unrelated to today’s blog topic, but it ties in nicely, no?). Sophie was helping me photograph it this evening. 

blogust the eleventh: 7 facts about me

Day 11 – 7 interesting facts about you

You know something? I didn’t feel like posting yesterday. So I didn’t. Well, I did post the Day 10 thing in the morning, but my heart really wasn’t in it. I wanted to do this exercise to try and get back into the writing/blogging groove, but I also have to listen to my body when it doesn’t want to do something. If I force it, I just end up resenting what I’m doing. Meh. Sometimes I feel all creatively tapped out.

Here are seven things about me that can be odd or charming, depending on your mood. heh

1. I constantly make up and sing songs about what I am doing. Yes. I will sing jingles for food, make up songs about taking things out of the fridge, make up songs about the dogs. I do this all the time. At home, in public. It’s just how I roll. I often say to Shawn that I should be paid to write commercial jingles, I am so awesome at it. Even if they are silly, simple and sometimes complete nonsense.

2. I will randomly break into dance. Even in public, because I have a knack for forgetting I am in public. This especially happens if I am wearing my sparkly ballet flats. I have done this while in a meeting with my former Dean and didn’t even realize that I was doing this pointing-toe, hoppy dance as he spoke to me until he looked at me and said “What are you DOING?”. It was funny. And embarrassing. Thankfully he was used to my quirky ways and just rolled his eyes at me when I said “Oh, sometimes I forget I’m in public. Sorry. But…the SHOES!” I miss that boss.

3. I do not sleep for a week when the seasons change. I especially do not sleep when winter changes into spring. It’s like a week of the worst insomnia you could have but when I do sleep, I have the worst possible night terrors. I noticed this over the last 10 years, but it might have been happening longer and I didn’t notice it as much since I always had bad insomnia. But if there’s a solstice or equinox during the week, I am sleepless and night terrory  for 7 days around that. It is not fun. Winter-to-spring always comes with high anxiety, too. My entire body quivers.

4. I do not like chocolate.  I will eat anything and everything else before chocolate (unless it’s a chocolate chip cookie, I like those.) I am a vanilla or caramel person. For some reason females get all bent out of shape when I said I don’t like chocolate. A few in particular have been all accusatory, like I have somehow offended the world and them by this admission. I don’t like those people. It’s a food product that I don’t like. It’s not the end of the world. Geez.

5. I have written with a purple ink pen since 6th grade. It used to be limited to card signing and journal writing, since high school could be picky about what colour ink they would accept papers and tests in, but note taking? Purple – with pink, teal, green rounding out the headings, point forms and stuff. I remember things better if they are in colour and purple, being my favourite, was always the colour I’d use. Once I finished school, I always carried a purple pen on me. It’s the only thing I use now. I even fill out forms and stuff with it. At least this way at work, people will know a note or something is from me. 😉

6. I get situational agoraphobia. I don’t know if that’s a real thing, but it’s how I describe it. I’m suffering from it now because I have been off work for 2 weeks and haven’t really done anything. It gets to the point that by the end of my time off I can’t leave the house without a panic attack. I get really, deeply depressed and fed up of life and I just stay in the house, huddled on the couch, in my pajamas and feel miserable about myself. The thought of going outside to do something freaks me out way too much. If I’m on vacation and we have things PLANNED, it doesn’t happen. But if I am left home, alone, for too long it does.

7. I am hugely OCD about things having to be in uneven numbers. Hence there being 7 facts in today’s challenge. I will not eat crackers, cherry tomatoes, etc in even numbers. I need the volume on the radio on an uneven number. I will take whichever ticket has an uneven number on it out the the pairs we get for us and stick Shawn with the even one. There are rare occasions where having an even number of things are ok – like having two dogs. I am ok with this (mostly because it’s a bi-law in the city). I would be happier if we could have three though. heh Also, if it’s a “round” number like 10, 20, 30… I can deal with that in some cases because it feels like it’s complete. Also, I hate the numbers 6 and 12. I don’t know why. I just do. I have never gotten along with the number 6. It’s rude.

And there you have it. Seven things that make me ME. I’m an odd duck, but that’s ok because odd is better than even!


Instagram Photo a Day 

Photo a Day August: Day 11 – Purple: Possible that it’s my favourite colour. What do you think? 😉


blogust the tenth: super-magical power!

Day 10 – If you could have one superpower/magical power, what would it be and why?

Hmm, I’m going to have to troubleshoot for when I don’t have enough time in the day to post the day’s challenge. Once I go back to work on Monday, I think I’ll be seriously lacking in time. I’ll get through this though! Booyah!

I know many people like to Go Large with their desire for a superpower or magical power, but I tend to stay on the simple side.

I would LOVE to have the ability to change my hair (style and colour) at will.

I know. I’d be like, the least helpful member of the X-Men.

I don’t care. I am always fussing about my hair. Even now, when I’m showing so much silver roots, I don’t know what I want to do.

I can’t decide if I want to stay all purple, with pink ends. Do I want to start going back to black with the purple & pink highlights? And as always at this time of year, I get the itch to cut it all off and go short, short, pixie cut. That always happens to be in August and September. I don’t know why. My hair is the longest it’s been in a long time right now. (which means it goes slightly past my jawbone). I don’t like it this length because it bugs me. I have to decide if I want to cut it or let it grow. I don’t know.

I don’t know what colour to keep it.

I am in constant fluctuation when it comes to my hair. Curly. Straight. Black. Pink. Purple. Red. I just can’t pick one thing and go with it. I change my hair more than anything else and it’s FUN to me. It’s hair, so I’m lucky enough that no matter what I do, I’ll be able to change it again and again if I don’t like it.

I would love to be able to change my hair with my mood. Mood hair! Long. Short. Blue! Brown! Fire!

So out of all the regular answers of flying, telekinesis, teleportation, strength… I choose the ability to change my hair at will. I always have and I always will. I won’t save the world with the powers and I suppose it’s a rather selfish power to want, but it will keep my ever chaotic brain happy and I’d have one less thing to obsess over. 😉

As for the grey and silver in my hair… I’ve had grey hair since I was 16. It wasn’t as much as I have now, but it was enough that the hair dressers would tease me. It was one of the main reasons I stopped going to hair salons and started cutting my own hair at home. I hated the hair dressers I went to. Back then you could smoke in the salon, too. So they’d be teasing me, smoking away and cutting my hair in styles I did not want because they thought they knew best. HATED THEM. It took me forever to get over my fear of hair salons. That’s one of the reasons I love my Awesome Dan at Salon Pure. He’s friendly, fun and will let me tell him what I want and if he can do something better, if what I wanted wasn’t quite right.

I’m just so undecided about my hair right now. Some days I love that it’s all purple, some days I think maybe I need to start bringing back the “normal” colours. Part of me loves living life with Jem and the Holograms hair, since I have wanted hair like this since I was 10. I am lucky enough to not have problems with this at work (thank goodness) but I just DON’T KNOW!

Just know I have to do something soon, because my roots are bugging me to no end. So is the length. ARGH!

And hence, why I would love to be magical enough to change my hair at will. It would be such a helpful power!


Instagram Photo a Day 

Photo a day August: Day 10 – Ring: Where I keep my keys.

blogust the ninth: 10 song shuffle

Day 9: Put your iPod on shuffle, list the first 10 songs that pop up & share why you have them in your music library.

1. Pray Your Gods – Toad the Wet Sprocket (Fear)

I bought this CD at a used bookstore in Plattsburgh, NY a million years ago. It’s the only TtWS album I really loved. It’s been a part of music library as long as I can remember. It makes me miss the 90s sometimes.

2. Sigh No More – Mumford & Sons (Sigh No More)

I’m not a huge male vocal fan, but the first time I heard Little Lion Man on the radio, I knew I needed to find out more about the band and bought the album almost immediately.

3. Coming Around – A Fine Frenzy (Bomb in a Birdcage)

I’m always desperate for new female vocalist music. Somehow, somewhere (maybe on TV?) I saw the video for Blow Away and I was hooked. It has a pig in the video. The pig reminded me of Annie (as pigs are wont to do). I bought the album when it came out.

4. White Horse – Taylor Swift (Fearless)

Hmm, I didn’t think I had this song active. I guess after I had to reinstall all my music when my hard drive crashed in the fall, I didn’t quite edit my song lists the way I wanted to. Oh, well. I don’t even like this song, but I DO like other songs on this album. (Should have added that to my guilty pleasures post.)

5. Everyone’s a Hero – Captain Hammer (Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog)

You have no idea how much I just squealed when this came on! If you don’t know what Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog is, you NEED TO SEE IT NOW. Because it’s not enough to bash in heads, you’ve got to bash in minds!

6. I’m in Love – Meiko (The Bright Side)

This album was on repeat for 4 weeks from the day it came out in May until I needed to switch it up a little bit. I discovered Meiko from a Christmas song she had on a compilation and I fell head-over-heels in love with her music. This album itself is just fantastic.

7. On the Radio – Regina Spektor (Begin to Hope)

There was someone whose blog I used to follow that turned me on to Regina Spektor. She made a photo/video montage to one of the songs on this album and I loved it so much I looked up the artist. On the Radio is one of my favourites from this album. Regina Spektor is an amazing singer/songwriter. Vocals and piano are the way to my heart.

8. Circle the Drain – Katy Perry (Teenage Dream – The Complete Confection)

Turns out I like a lot of the songs on the latest Katy Perry album (as you can see it’s on my sidebar as Currently Listening). I always give an album a bunch of listens before I deactivate the songs on it I might not like. Yes, I do that. This is one that I was originally going to uncheck, but it’s grown on me and it breaks my heart because I’m pretty sure it explains what happened to Ms. Perry and her now ex-husband. Poor lady. 🙁

9. Path of Thorns – Sarah McLachlan (Mirrorball)

Oh, YAY! iTunes is being nice to me and playing the one song that started my love affair with Sarah McLachlan way back when I was 14! It has always been my dream to sing this song live. Next to Elsewhere, this is my second favourite song from Sarah McLachlan and the reason I have bought every album she’s ever put out since. Of course this version of the song is a live performance, but still. I have the album BECAUSE SHE’S SARAH MCLACHLAN. Duh. I’m still waiting for the day I can meet t his woman and thank her for helping save my life through her music. Seriously.

10. Blue Farewell – Melissa McClelland (Stranded in Suburbia)

Oh, well, I almost had a perfect ten. It’s not that I don’t love this album, but I just don’t particularly like this song and generally have it deactivated. (Which I am going to do now.) That being said Stranded in Suburbia is one of my top 10 favourite albums of all time AND Melissa McClelland is Canadian. Represent!

And yes, I had these songs playing as I wrote up this post. Made it more fun and the music makes me more creative. Easier to dream with music playing.


Instagram Photo a Day 

Photo a day August: Day 9 – Messy: I have books, bookmarks and paper EVERYWHERE! This is not an exaggeration. I’m lucky my husband doesn’t leave me.

blogust the eighth: guilty pleasure(s)

Day 8 – Your guilty pleasure(s)

I have a lot of guilty pleasures. Mostly in the form of tv shows and a facebook game.

As you saw yesterday, I am a Castleville fan. I have dabbled in a few facebook games, but this one is actually the one I have stuck with, and not blocked, the longest. I think I’m coming up on a year? Over a year? Or maybe it released in September last year? I don’t remember, but I have played it steadily since then and it’s not nearly as obnoxious as all the other games by Zynga I have played. Mostly I find it soothing. I like the background music and the little sounds it makes. I also have a sheep wearing an argyle sweater and that makes me stupid happy.

When I’m not playing Castleville (on Zynga.com now, and not on FB), I like to play hidden object/adventure puzzle games from BigFish Games. I have been a game club member there since 2005, I think and I have used my monthly credits for many a game in those years. I like the mindless, though fun games. My favourite games have been the ones made by BlueTea Games and second to that the Mystery Case File games. I am not a heavy gamer. I like the simple hobby type games. Much more fun for me. I love a game full of whimsy and Castleville certainly has whimsy. Don’t judge.

As for TV, which I don’t watch much of, I have always been a fan of Charmed (the Shannen Doherty years). It was campy and fun and I loved watching every week to see what sort of outrageous clothing would be warn. Last year I fell in love with Revenge which I wrote about at the time (and I am almost twitching with anticipation for the start of season 2). I also tend to watch America’s Next Top Model, but I gave up on it a few “cycles” ago (I hate that term). Though I did watch the last cycle because I wanted to see the UK girls whup some US skinny ass, and that they did! If you’ve been a long-time blog reader, you’ll know I used to blog about ANTM weekly when I watched it regularly.

And I suppose last but not least are my musical guilty pleasures, like the random Brittany Spears or Miley Cyrus songs I have in my iTunes library. I will also say that the Katy Perry album I bought last month, is also a guilty pleasure. Her songs on this album just make me so bloody happy. So I guess, really, pop music is a guilty pleasure. Or, rather, bubble gum pop. Like Kelly Clarkson’s Breakaway and All I Ever Wanted albums. They just have songs that make me bounce and happy.

What can I say? I’m just a bubblegummy sort of simple girl. Don’t judge.


Instagram Photo a Day 

Photo a day August : Day 8 – Glasses: I know. I am a horrible human being. But this photo rocks.