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diary of a non-jogger – uuughh


Mo and I only got out one last week to fight that mountain. It was extremely painful for me this time around. Walking up the mountain gives me sharp pain in one place and I even resulted to lying down on a bench and trying to stretch it out. Didn’t work. It goes away as soon as I am on a downward slope though. I don’t know what it is. Something is pinching in a not good way. I don’t get this problem when I walk or run on flat land, so I know it’s all up-hill related. Up a STEEP hill.

I tried running but that wasn’t quite in the cards for me, though I did make it down the entire snaked path without stopping. I thought I was going to throw up when I stopped though. Ugh. Mo is very. very patient with me and encouraging and yet I still feel guilty and awkward that I am so slow and pain-filled and that I have to stop so frequently. Alas. I will eventually get over it. Mo hasn’t dropped me yet, so there’s hope. 😉

c25k – week 3 day 2

With all the mountain climbing and other stuff going on, I haven’t  been out at home in a long time. So today I told myself I’d run no matter what. No sleep? Too bad. Raining? Too bad. Didn’t feel like it? TOO BAD. (The only reasons I would allow were: migraine/stomach flu or high heat & humidity). I actually slept last night. Woo. First time in a week. I have been suffering from insomnia since we came back from Kingston in August. 🙁 I drank my tea, browsed the web (I am not a morning runner. Or morning ANYTHING.) Read the course notes for this week’s Module in my Sales & Marketing course and then… changed into running clothes and OFF I WENT!

Let’s see how I could tackle the Week 3 training program after 4 days of being out on that mountain and doing more than I thought I could! GO, CAT, GO!

It was awful. Not that I had to stop (though I did once and had a confusing moment out there). But it hurt. My right leg felt like it was made of lead. I have no idea what was pulling or tight or what. But it felt so heavy, even when I tried to lift it to try and stretch it out. Weird. I even forced myself to run that second 3 minutes and was SO PROUD that I made it, even if I was running slower than a turtle. Every run was a fight. A total fight. I wanted to stop and give up and just call Shawn to come pick me up so many times. But I didn’t stop. I pushed through. This was one of those times when I knew my body could do it even though it was protesting so much. I’ve said it before – I’m pretty good at knowing when I need to STOP or when I just need to suck it up and PUSH ON THROUGH.

So I pushed. I thought I would throw up at one point, but I didn’t. (yay) I did it. I got to my cool down walk and texted Shawn that I wanted to die. He told me not to and that he’d meet me with the dogs. So I limped towards home and met up with Shawn, Sophie and Jinx. When Jinx saw me from down the street he just took off running (which made Shawn and Sophie run since they were all attached together.) It was heart warming. Made me smile when all I wanted to do was cry.

I took Jinx, who immediately started to GALOOOOOMPH! away and I told him to hang on. We would galoomph when we got around the block to the next street. Mummy needed to continue to walk, even though the cool down was over.

So we walked and we GALOOOMPH!ed and we walked a little more and had one more GALOOMPH around the block and made our way home. Jinx still wanted to run so I ran a little bit down our street towards home. I was done when we got in. Done. But because of the dogs, I was finally smiling. The added walk/run with the dogs rounded out my trip to 5km. The C25K program was only 3.47, so getting that extra 1.5km in there was great.

I had two complaints about the run though. The first one is my own fault though. I once more thought that the run/walk segments were different than they were. So when I thought I was supposed to be doing a 90 second run and it turned out to be a 3 minute one, I just stopped cold when the voice said “Two minutes left!”. I was about to collapse and was trying to make that 90 seconds. It shocked me so much that I stopped and I couldn’t get back into the run. Plus I was at a busy intersection and had just missed the light. So I am going to write it out here to help me remember!

Walk 5 mins (warm up)
Run 3 minutes
Walk 2 minutes
Run 90 seconds
Walk 2 minutes
Run 3 minutes
Walk 1 minute

Walk 5 mins (cool down)

See, I keep expecting to run 90 seconds after each 3 minute run. But NO! I really do have two 3 minute runs right after each other. With only a minute in between. GAH!  That’s when I get lost and confused.

The second complaint is this – DO NOT tell me that my LAST RUN is coming up when I still have THREE MORE BLOODY RUNS! The other two weeks, I’d get a last run prompt 10 seconds before the LAST RUN. This time I think it prompted me before the start of the second set of runs. That is TOTALLY NOT COOL. I want to know it’s my last run when it is literally my LAST RUN. That also threw me off because I was certain I was on my cool down. Lying app.

The extra running I did with Jinx made up for the misses I had on the program. Plus they were way too fast for my liking. He was really eager to run and was trying to pull my arm out of its socket. I was trying to rein him in but I didn’t have the strength. 😉

I wanted to go out tomorrow, too, but I might go to a crossfit class in the morning and I don’t think I will be able to do both. We’ll see. Crossfit is at 9:30 in the morning and we all know how non-morningish I am. 😉 Aqua Fit starts back this week, too. I have to miss the first class on Monday, but I am looking forward to Wednesday with such excitement! If I can do Aqua Fit Mon & Wed. Crossfit on Tuesday and run Tues/Thurs I will be very  happy. Let’s see if I can keep this up?

I still feel like I’ll never be able to do this and I’ll always be a stupid, out of shape, manatee. And it’s hard and I hate that. But since I haven’t given this up at all since I started at the end of March, I’m not too worried that I’ll stop. I just hate that it’s taking me so long to progress. There is progression, but it’s small and I am way too impatient for that!

diary of a non-jogger: new shoes, new pains

C25k – Week 3, Day 1 (this time with a WORKING app!)

I have been feeling out of sorts all day. Kind of bloated and nauseous and I will admit the McD’s cheeseburgers I had at lunch were probably not the best idea (I do not need a McD’s lecture in the comments. I won’t listen and I don’t eat it often and normally when I do, I feel fine.) I think my body didn’t want both burgers but I’m so used to eating two that I just scarfed them down without thinking and I have been feeling way to full since then. Even now – it’s after 8pm and I am not hungry. I haven’t eaten since noon.

I haven’t been sleeping either, which is adding to the out-of-sortsness and that’s been going on since we got back from Ontario. I think I am just over being in this province and stressed about having to stay here and go back to a job that doesn’t fulfill me anymore. Also… full moon. Me and the full moon just do not play nice together. Which is sad because I am really all about the moon. I love her. Why she doesn’t love me back, I’ll never know.

It was nice out today. Nice enough that I knew I could go out for a run. I have these lovely new purple running shoes to break in, so why not?

First thing first – apparently if you run with a working version of the app on iphone you run more often than the broken one for android. I didn’t know that. So I was confused.

Run 3m
Walk 2m
Run 90s
Walk 2m
Run 3m
Walk 1m

Repeat once. I was so confused when I kept getting a 3 minute run prompt. I thought it was because I had accidentally hit “Stop” instead of “Resume” after having paused the program at a particularly long light. I was just about to start what I thought was the last walk before my last run. I was so confused when I kept getting these 3 minute runs. What was going on?

Secondly – the new shoes. They are not at all as cushioned under the ball of my foot as the Brooks are. I could feel the pavement in my legs way more than I was before, so I know I am going to hurt in the morning. Add in the fact that the shoes need time to mould to my feet and are currently making me feet land in a different manner than they would naturally, my calves and shins were tight like heck tonight. I haven’t had shin pain since the middle of April! I am hoping it’s not going to last too long and that I only have to break these shoes in a little.

The Asics are considerably lighter than the Brooks so I am pretty sure I went faster than normal because of that. At one point I had to slow the run right down to slower than if I was walking just to make it to the end of the second three minutes. As it was, I didn’t quite make it and walked for about 25 seconds before it ended. Alas.

I don’t know much about breaking in running shoes (so if anyone does, comments welcome!) but I might alternate with my old shoes every second run (especially if I go back out tomorrow, which I am hoping to do)? I don’t know if that will make my legs and knee better or worse? I’ll totally play it by ear tomorrow and see how I am feeling, but I sort of want to try and do this running thing multiple days in a row and not wait. I will wait if I feel my body needs it, but I think I am up for it.

All in all, I did 2 full 3 min runs, 1 at 2 minutes and 1 almost at the three minutes and I completed both 90 second runs. It was a confusing outing but I got almost 14 minutes of running in and that last 3 minutes – I made it! I looked at my phone to see what I had left because I HAD to STOP OMG! But I saw that I only had 14 seconds left so… I kept going and they were the slowest 14 seconds ever.

I stopped the program with 2-minutes left on the 5-minute cool-down walk because Shawn was coming to meet me with the dogs and we just kept walking. There was no point in waiting for the program to tell me the walk was over. 😉

We’re coming to help you, Mummy!! *waggle*

I had texted Shawn to see if he wanted to meet me on my walk back (not realizing I had a last 3-minute run to do. I thought I was done. So confused!) and it made me so happy to see these guys walking up the street towards me as I gulped water and gasped for air and felt so proud that I made it through the week 3 program without too many stops while running. It wasn’t perfect, but I felt like I had accomplished way more than my last attempt.

Lastly… these new running shorts I splurged on yesterday? OMG! Why did no one tell me that clothing that is designed for running is THE BEST FREAKING THING EVER!? The shorts didn’t get all heavy and sweaty and they dry, like, instantly. So, so comfortable. (As was the Fuelbelt I bought as well. Loved it!) It doesn’t have washing instructions anywhere on the shorts, so I will have to google that, but holy cow did that make a huge difference in comfort as  was running. And it still has a drawstring so I can make sure that my shorts don’t fall off when I run. Heh.

Bonus – I have been doing mega cleaning around the house and finally took in three pairs of pants that needed zippers replaced. Thankfully I fit into all of them again and I noticed as I was trying them on last night (to make sure the zippers were fine and the pants were ok) I noticed that my bottom is looking lovely and toned. I might not be losing weight super fast, but I have a nice booty now. Go, running! haha! (Shawn also approves.)

I just hope that these new shoes will not cause too much leg and knee pain going forward because I have been blissfully devoid of those issues the last 4 months. Hmm.

diary of a non-jogger – #runningisstupid

c2k5 – week 3, day 1 – not quite successful

Aside from learning that the Ease Into 5K app for android phones doesn’t work for crap (it didn’t save my run today at all. I apparently ran 0km in 0 minutes. LOVELY!) I am having one of those “I will never be able to do this” days. I tried to do the Week 3 run (and rather than change the SIM card from my current phone to my iPhone like I have been doing, I thought I’d try my android phone… nope. Not going to do that again) and I learned that I can’t do it.

At least, I can’t run for 3 minutes TWICE. I had to stop at 2 minutes on the second 3 minute run. I was so frustrated. It wasn’t one of those “Let’s just push for that last minute” things. Nope. I had to push myself through that second minute and I knew I had to stop at the chime for the last one because I felt like I was going to pass out and/or throw up. So I walked that last minute, gasping for air like a fish out of water. I had one last run coming up – only 90 seconds and I was determined to get through it. I DID, but it was hard.

Today’s program was this:

Warm-up walk: 5 minutes
Run: 3 minutes
Walk: 2 minutes
Run: 90 seconds
Walk: 2 minutes
(repeat run/walk once more)
Cool-down walk: 5 minutes

So this only comes out to 9 minutes of running, whereas week 2 totals 12.5 minutes. Only this time you’re running two 3-minute shots.

This program actually goes pretty fast – even though I felt like I was going to die at one point. I was so far away from home that I was determined to get the full 9 minutes of running in. So after the last walk and then cooldown (really?) I ran for another minute. Ish. It was a little more than 60 seconds but not quite 90. I couldn’t get any more running out of me after that and I just walked home, trying to breathe and feeling very discouraged at my inability to run those 3 minutes.

I know it’s silly. I mean, look how much I have been able to do that I couldn’t do at all in April. I can successfully complete the week 2 program multiple times now and I couldn’t make it through two runs in April. This is just my new challenge and one I will eventually accomplish. I was SO CLOSE to running the full 3 minutes this time, so I know I should be able to do this eventually. But I covered so little distance this time around. The total km in the photo above is from runkeeper (which I thankfully had on so I was able to capture at least time and distance THAT way. Thanks for nothing, Crappy App.) When I look at the map I think I might have done  about 2.5km with the c25k thingy today. I have been getting close to 4km with the week 2 program I was sure I’d get farther with the running this time, but nope.

I am having a very doubty, failure sort of night and I know it’s crazy. I should be proud of what I did accomplish. Not to mention I actually went out and ran when I wasn’t feeling it quite 100% and I could have just sat on the couch and surfed the internet for hours. When I got back from the run, Shawn the dogs and I went back out for another 2km walk. So I certainly got my activity in today.

I am frustrated by people who can complete this training program in the 9 weeks that it says it takes. I am frustrated by people who can just go out and run 5k like it’s nothing when they haven’t run before. I am frustrated that even after all of this time I am still stumbling each time I try to up the week’s program. That it takes me a month per week is frustrating.

But I’m not a patient person and this running thing? It takes a plethora of patience. That is not a virtue I am blessed with. Holy cow is it not.

Today the title of my jogging playlist, “Running is Stupid” was very apropos. But my playlist is chalk full of inspirational songs that help me get through it. Even if they aren’t totally peppy, they have elements that push me forward and keep me on track. From Pink’s Try to Sweet Thing’s Change of Seasons to the new songs by Sara Bareilles (Brave) and Katy Perry (Roar) and of course Mindy Gledhill’s Whole Wide World and Metric’s Breathing Underwater (which is what jogging feels like a lot of the time!)… my Running is Stupid playlist helps motivate me to keep going and just push myself that little bit farther. And I just have to remind myself that like Mindy Gledhill’s song says, “If I have to take a break I will” and it’s OK.

diary of a non-jogger – still determined to BE that unicorn

C25K Week 2 Day 1 – third time’s a charm!

The last month was a bad combination of extreme heat & humidity (45C/111F) and then a really bad illness (that I was certain was mono, but now that it’s almost gone 4 weeks later and Shawn started it last week, it was likely just a really, really, REALLY bad virus!) The last time I went out I needed Shawn to pick me up because of a major dizzy spell. This was while I was still sick, but thought I was getting better. Wrong! I could hardly keep my eyes open the last month so I was sleeping off the swollen glands, sore throat and massive neck pain. The cooler days I really wanted to get up and GO! GO! GO! but I knew my body was not strong enough and I was still fighting the illness. I played it safe and was happy when I woke up this morning and my first thought was “Oh! I will go running this morning!”

I am not a morning run person. I’m not a morning person period. For some reason I woke up wanting to run. So I listened to my body. Got up (closer to 9am than I thought it was), came downstairs, had Shawn change my phones up so I could actually use my running app on the iPhone (long story, that one), updated my iphone and music and then drank some coffee while I waited for my phone to sync up (didn’t think about doing this earlier). I got out for the run a lot closer to 10am than I would have liked, but I was ready and determined to GO! I was in my long shorts and runnin’ rhino shirt because I was freezing in the house – with the windows OPEN.

It was a lot hotter out there than I thought it was. I probably would have been better off in my cooler running clothes, at least a tank top, but I wasn’t too bad off. The shade – when I could find it – was nice in what I was wearing. Turns out where I am now running doesn’t get any shade in the morning, only the evening. Great. So I’ll have to hope that evenings are cooler as the month grows older and get back out there before dinner time once more. I am off work for 2 weeks on holiday so hopefully I’ll get some more runs in. Except I’ll be elsewhere for 5 days and I am not sure how running will work while away since I don’t know the area all that well.

I didn’t make 4km in the c25k time frame, I came close – 3.90 which includes those 5 minute warm-up and cool-down bits, but I was far enough away from home that I kept Runkeeper going once the c25k was done to track the rest of my outing. I even added an extra 60 seconds of running in there, bringing my total up to 13.5 minutes of running within that outing.

Considering I haven’t been running in 3 weeks (and 2 weeks before that) I’m fairly happy that I was still able to make it through the entire week 2, day 1 program today. I almost stopped but pushed myself and just took semi-breaks when I needed to. I had one impromptu break for my second-to-last 90 second run because I had to wait at a busy intersection for the light to change. I paused everything then and drank some water as I walked across the street, only restarting the program when I was able to run without danger again. That gave me 15 seconds of rest during that 90 second and on the LAST 90 seconds I had to stop because I just couldn’t breathe. I only had 15 seconds of running left so I paused it, walked for about 10 seconds and then started it back up again. I probably lost about 15 seconds total from the runs with those two pauses, and I told myself that it was OK and I wasn’t failing, I was listening to my body. It had been, after all, three weeks since I was last out and my body needed to get used to running again.

I wish I could hit 5k. I wish I could move on to the third week and make it through the program, but I don’t think I am ready for that yet. I’d like to have one more week of successfully completing this program and then see if I can move up. I realize that the 90 second runs probably won’t seem easier until I am running LONGER and then going backwards, but I do see a difference in being able to complete them now than 2 months ago.

I am able to do this without pain and actually feeling great when I get home and it’s all over and I wasn’t even able to make it through the first attempt (week 1, day 1) back at the end of March, so I know I am improving. I can see it in my legs and in my speed when I just walk normally. I’m slow and I am coming to terms with the fact that I am slow and I am starting to be ok with that (although I have days where I just want to find a magic potion that will make this so much easier). I wanted to run a 5k this month but that didn’t work out for various reasons and since it’s next weekend, I am not going to even contemplate it right now because I know I won’t be able to travel 5km regardless of whether I run or walk. Right now 4km seems to be my maximum before I want to fall over and I will work on extending that little by little over the next couple of months.

I am so much better at this than I was 4 months ago, even if I’m not where I wanted to be by now. I think that’s a pretty good thing and I am proud of myself for sticking with this even through all the road blocks that keep coming up. 😉

And thank you to you, my internet friends (and in-person friends) for being so supportive and helpful as I challenge myself. It means a lot and helps a LOT. You’re all so awesome. *group hug*

diary of a non-jogger – july is not the best running month


Hey, so I keep meaning to update this blog with more than just jogging posts but I never seem to find the motivation. I have a different post already started about other things, but each time I sit down with the intention of blogging I get restless and distracted.  I’m a day-time blogger, really, so if I can’t find time at work to update (and trust me, I can’t. Soooo busy.) I just don’t feel like sitting and writing when I get home after a long day. Alas.

Even now, as I try and write this particular post about my run this morning, I’m all over the place. Not feeing it. BUT I am keeping track of this for my own reference and I want something to look back as I move forward. So, here I am.

We’ve just come off a 2-week major heatwave that saw a few days with highs of 44C in a row with humidity. That’s 111F for those of you who don’t speak Canadian. I have never experienced anything other than humid heat so I don’t know what 44C would feel like WITHOUT humidity. I’m sure it’s still hot and I have been told that it’s a little more bearable than a humid heat. Who knows. What I do know is that I couldn’t go out at all while the humidity was so bad. I can’t breathe just walking in that weather, there was no way I was going to try and run. I know my limits. I did go for a few bike rides though and although it was still hot it was a little easier to bear.

Thing was, I was missing the runs BIG TIME. I was feeling anxious and antsy and cranky about not being able to run and yet each and every time it’s HARD and I wish I could run MORE and not have to walk. Still, I’m going  out and doing things so I’m getting stronger and apparently I’m even starting to like it. Who knew?

Friday night my throat started to hurt and my neck got tight. I was hoping it was allergies (hay fever started early this summer) but by the time my glands swelled up I knew that was wishful thinking. Sleeping Friday to Saturday was uncomfortable. Everything hurt from the hair on my head to the bottoms of my feet. Saturday evening was cool and nice and I wanted to go running to badly but I was so sick. It was worse than Friday and I just could not get comfortable. I was angry at my body for doing this to me the first day it was nice enough to go out and run again! Curses!

This morning was a miraculously cool 15C and although I woke up with the intention of going out to run first thing in the morning (regardless of how I was feeling) I realized that I am not a morning runner. The idea of doing anything other than sitting on the couch with a cup of coffee in my jammies was not a reality. I ‘m not a morning person in general and most week-days my husband has to help me make sure I am leaving the house with pants on. The number of times I have started out to the bus with slippers still on is astounding. 😉

But after a pancake breakfast I was feeling the urge to go out again. I am still sick but not quite as bad as yesterday and I am stubborn. I got changed from tinkerbell jammies to running clothes and I went out by 11am. It was still cool and I knew most of the path I’d be running on would be in shade.

It was going well. Surprisingly well. I am giving myself another “week” of the week 2 C25K schedule to make sure I can still do it (and, it’s been 21 days since I last went out!) and it started off so well. Those first few runs were like nothing. I was feeling so confident. Not too hot. Not too sore. Lungs were working, nose was running but my throat was a little bit better. I was going to DO THIS!

Then, at the end of the walk 6 of 9 I was slammed with a wave of dizziness. Ugh. I was on my way back and was hoping to make it through but I had to pause everything and sit down for a little bit under a tree. I drank my water and texted Shawn, letting him know I was going to take a break. But as I ran out of water and the dizziness wasn’t really passing we decided that I’d go back a different way and he’d come pick me up by car with more water. I should have brought a bigger bottle. Oh, well. I wasn’t too warm believe it or not, but I don’t think I was hydrated enough AND I am still sick. Bleh.

I managed to get two more runs in and my last 90 second walk ended just as Shawn appeared with the car. I made it through almost the entire program but not the last 90 second run and the 5 minute cooldown. When I got back up I was feeling a little better, which is why I added the runs back into the path home (towards the car) and told myself I’d stop if I was dizzy again. Thankfully it only started up right before the car appeared.

I only made 3km and I was covering less distance this time, but my running pace was a little slower than it has been. I’m chalking that up to my cold. I’m not too disappointed though part of me had hoped to complete the entire thing plus some. I had wishful thinking for a sick-day run.

I sat with an icepack on my head when I got home and have drank boatloads of water. I feel fine now – just tired and I am so much happier that I went out and did something. I probably should have gone for a bike ride over a run today, but I MISSED the running.

I am hoping that the cooler (well, under 30C anyhow) weather this coming week will allow me to get back out there a few more times after work. I’d like to try out the week 3 schedule by next week, but I want another successful week 2 under my belt before that happens because the running jumps quite a bit after this.

Speaking of belts, I might need to get a FuelBelt with two water bottles in it since I don’t like to run with a big bottle and my little Evian bottle isn’t quite enough for summer runs. Not that I can spend money right now, but I’m going to look into it. I also need shoes but I don’t think mine are quite as bad to make it urgent. I am not having problems with the shoes…yet. But that will be soon I think.

Running is great exercise but boy can it be expensive (and I haven’t even signed up for any races yet!)