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Oh, my friends, do I have a story to tell! I bit the bullet and bought us some CATS tickets earlier in the week because I was running out of time and not winning any of the contests  I had entered. I could not live with myself had I let this weekend’s run of CATS go by without getting to see them in all their graceful and furry musical glory. Money is tight these days and I wasn’t going to buy tickets, but this was the most phenomenal thing I had ever seen when I was 12 and just knowing those dancing creatures were right near me and I wouldn’t be able to see them made me twitch.

So I went to Place des Arts armed with my credit card and I justified that this will be paid off by the fall. Hell, I spent a crap load of money on my eyes in February and they aren’t bringing me much joy, I thought for a mere pittance of that price I could at least have SOME joy. And my husband graciously said he would go with me. I love him. And he wasn’t bored out of his mind, either. Woohoo!

So we dressed up:

And we got in the car and attempted to drive to the theatre… then our adventure began!

The show started at 8PM and we decided to leave at 6:45 just in case we had any trouble finding parking. Little did we know it wasn’t the parking we had to worry about. We decided to take the Victoria Bridge for many reasons, most of which were we take it normally, there’s little traffic and it was closer to where we wanted to go. So we drive there only to notice – it’s CLOSED to inbound traffic. What?! Gah! Now it was closer to 7PM and we had to turn around, go in the opposite direction back to the Champlain. (Yes, we could have taken the Jacques Cartier, but neither of us are all that familiar with where to get ON it from our end and Shawn had already turned the opposite way.) We thought we were in luck because our exit for the Champlain wasn’t backed up. Easy as pie, right? Until we merged onto the bridge and everyone stopped. I read the sign on the bride “Electrical Work – CAUTION”. They had the outbound side of the bridge completely closed and one lane with outbound traffic on the inbound side. Argh! It took us a while to get over and take the exit for downtown – only to be stuck behind TWO CARS GOING HALF THE SPEED LIMIT! Argh!

I was really hoping we could get to the PDA parking lot, and we did – behind a line up of cars waiting to get in. But we managed to get there with 15 minutes to spare before the show. I was agitated though. I tell you!

But then I picked up my program and my excitement quickly distracted me from the road rage. When we got to our seats I was happy as a cat on a roof!

The program was pretty chincy – back in the day (read 1988) I am sure they had cast photos next to their names, but whatever. Did I mention I know the guy who knows Rumpleteazer? He’s a student in my Faculty and he grew up with her. I was totally hoping for a shout-out before her song, but alas, I was not recognized!

I wish I remembered from my 1988 experience that I wanted to be on the FLOOR of the show. I would have gotten to meet and see the CATS up close as they wandered through the audience a couple of times and even at intermission. Drat my lack of 22 years ago memories! We were still happy up in our 3rd balcony box seats though (the cheaper ones). Had I bought the tickets when I first heard it advertised I would have had closer seats. Oh, well, next time! (if there IS a next time! I mean the last time they were here was 1988 (I think!) hence my justification for these tickets, it’s a once (twice) in a lifetime deal!)

The show was breath taking, even from our vantage point. We were a little too high up to hear the words very clearly in some songs, but I do know most of them by heart so it was ok. 😉 Shawn was also in awe of the grace and ease with which these actors moved. Not a sound was made as they leapt and fell and jumped. Such grace. I think that’s one of the things that filled me with such wonder when I was 12. I still have that wonder today. I still want to be in CATS (and sing the Mcavity song!)

I am so happy I went and I got to share it with Shawn. He even found the same parts boring or exciting as I did. I knew he was perfect for me somehow!


  • Mr. Mistoffellees was a FANTASTIC dancer. His spins were awe-dropping to watch. I don’t even think figure skaters could do a better job.
  • Sadly Rum Tum Tugger wasn’t as awesome as normal. We didn’t feel the voice of the actor playing him, but his personality was hilarious. He made up for his less rugged voice with his actions.
  • The woman playing Grizzabella made me WEEP with her version of Memories. When she fell to the ground I just started crying. Shawn even said “all of a sudden her voice was IN OUR BOX” when she hit the climax of the song. Brilliant performance.
  • Old Deuteronomy wasn’t as large and deep voiced as I would have liked. He was ok, but I am used to my Old Deuteronomies sounding and seeming like large black men!
  • Every time they make that train in Skimbleshanks I tear up and get totally giddy. I don’t know why, maybe because I love trains and the musical? It’s just so EXCITING!
  • The guy playing Munkustrap had a fantastic voice and I realized his costume resembles this stunning grey cat that’s in a ton of tv commercials these days. (the costume has been around longer, but the resemblance is uncanny – or is that uncatty? heh)

This is one of those shows I think I could watch over and over again and never tire of. I remember I used to sing along with the Original Broadway Soundtrack from the 80s’ in my room and dance around. The music and songs are just so thrilling to me.

I just need to lose about 50 pounds, regain my flexibility and learn to dance and I think I would be a perfect CAT!

I have the 1920s glamour down, does that count?

(When I am an official rock star, I am totally making a music video with the cats of CATS! I don’t know what the song will be yet, but I swear I will be in CATS regalia and dance around with the cast in one of my videos. Mark my words!)