i'm darkness and light, bubbles and faerie wings.
i am sparkles and glitter, shadows and clouds.
i love purple, and faeries, and books, and music.

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how you know you married right part 2

When you don’t end up calling the divorce lawyer after this…

I seem to be having a fibro flare up. Weather, hormones, stress, whatever it is, I am in a ton of pain. When I woke up this morning my hips (especially my right hip) and my lower back were on FIRE with pain. I had to hobble down the stairs and then ended up sticking an ice pack down the side of my pants to try and find some relief to the pain.

I’m too sexy for you to handle, yo.

Advil, icepack and a cup of tea later, I was on my stomach on the kitchen floor trying to ease my body into stretches that often help with the pain… it didn’t work so well this time though.

Yet, as I was on my stomach, on the floor, and trying to do various yoga poses (the cobra pose is helpful!) my darling husband stood over me, with (what I thought was) the intention to try and rub my lower back but instead…

Began pretending to play the BONGOS ON MY BUM! Smacking my bottom and starting to sing the banana boat song IS NOT HELPFUL!

I was lying there in pain so bad I felt nauseous and he decided to turn my misery into bongo-playing fun for him. WHILE GIGGLING!


This is obviously true love that I am in because I didn’t kill him right on the spot.

Of course I was in too much pain to flip over and get up right away so technically, I think that saved him.

I love my husband. A lot.

He’s so lucky that I do.

Bongos! The nerve!

how you know you married right

Because I didn’t sleep the first part of this weekend, I of course slept until 10am today, totally throwing off my day. I had to whip up a stew for the crockpot and realized I was out of chicken breast! Oh no! So my wonderful husband zoomed off to the store to pick some up (by then I decided I wanted turkey breast, not chicken). After he’d be gone a while, I forgot I wanted to ask him to pick up Advil, too. For some reason my entire body hurts so much, my back is the worst, it feels like it’s burning. But then I realized he’d been gone too long, so he was probably on his way home. Also, he wouldn’t have gone to the store with the pharmacy in it.

Then I realized I hadn’t turned my ringer back on, so I went over to the phone, turned on the ringer and went back to chopping up veggies for the stew.

Less than a minute after I put my phone down, it rang.

It was Shawn. He was calling about the quality of the turkey breast he was finding. I mentioned about how I was just deciding not to call him because I wanted Advil. He said he’d pick it up. I told him not to drive all over tarnation.

Turns out because he accidentally turned the wrong way going to the closer store, he was at the farther store with the pharmacy in it.

Sometimes we’re so telepathically connected it amazes me. He called just when I was thinking about calling him AND he was at he store I needed him to be at which was a total fluke.

So now I have my crockpot stew cooking and I am happily medicated in hopes that this horrible pain wil go away. Now I can get to the studying and cleaning.

I love my husband. He’s perfect for me.