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    beyond the beyond…

    go here. I think that I’ve moved. Not sure. But for now…. [EDIT 2011] That link no longer works. Once Blogger ate my blog in early 2005 and I moved here, the blog vanished. I sort of wish it hadn’t because I had a lot of blog posts on there I would have liked to have still had access too. :(]

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    A walk in the park

    A boring walk in the park, that is. I took the Belly out for a walk and met up with Joan from work and her sister & daughter. There is supposed to be some big shin-dig happening along the boardwalk here in Verdun. We thought it would be cool to check it out. Dull. First off it was mostly big blown up slide things for the kiddies (which normally I would have oooohed over but I was with people who didn’t know I was really 5) and french rock ‘n roll. (ha ha ha) Secondly I couldn’t take the dog through the part of the path that went through these…

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    OK this is quite frustrating

    I am more than happy to finally have a new computer – don’t get me wrong. However with all the problems we’ve been having computer-wise since April it’s getting awfully aggravating having to reenter all the information each time I use a computer. email addresses, journal updatey thing. Grrr! Oh and I still can’t update my webpage because I have to find the CD to reinstall FrontPage (not that it’s the best, but I know how to use it!) and I have no bloody idea where the CD is. The burglars probably took it. Or it was lost in the move. So it’s like 7:30am and I have been up…

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    things i learned from my dog

    veggies are yucky, unless they are covered in dip. except carrots. carrots are just yucky no matter how you have them and deserve to be spit out on the floor in a big ol’ carroty dippy glob. bananas are exciting unless you actually give me a piece. then that too deserves to be spit out in a glob on the floor. it’s much more exciting when someone else is eating it. if someone other than my mummy offers me food – like hard boiled eggs – that is yummy beyond belief. also eggs are good because they are smelly and smelly = yummy!

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    Oh, I forgot… I had another two hour driving lesson yesterday and it didn’t go all that badly. I am getting the hang of turning. Barely. However it’s going to be about 4.5 months until my next lesson since I can only go for my test after December 15th. SO. This means I have to actually drive Shawn’s really-big-with-no-power-steering-car for practice. ulp. like that’s going to happen. I want a new beetle. they’re tiny and cute. Anyone feel like buying me one? 🙂