i'm darkness and light, bubbles and faerie wings.
i am sparkles and glitter, shadows and clouds.
i love purple, and faeries, and books, and music.

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i wish…

I wish I could change hair colour & style at whim.

I wish I was magical.

I wish my boobs were smaller.

I wish I could stop chewing my cuticles. (Bad stress habit.)

I wish I was independently wealthy.

I wish I didn’t have to work for a living.

I wish money wasn’t an issue that people, including myself, had to worry about.

I wish I enjoyed running, because I actually enjoy running. (Trust me, that makes sense.)

I wish I had a horse, and could go horseback riding through nature every weekend.

I wish I could tolerate  35C+ heat and humidity in the summer, because I love being outside.

I wish I was taller, I wish I was a baller, I wish I had a girl and if I did I — no, wait. That’s a song. Get out of my head, song.

I wish I could talk to animals.

I wish I had the body type for clothes that I like that I obviously do not have the body type for. But just for those rare outfits I want to wear. Otherwise, I’m pretty ok with my body type. But…

I wish I could shake the random “I’m fat and ugly” mood phases that crop up. They are annoying, and lies.

I wish I could have more than two dogs at home. (City bylaws – boo!)

I wish dragons were real. Not evil dragons, that terrorize & eat everyone and their sheep, but nice dragons. Like in How To Train Your Dragon.

I wish I had a pet dragon I could ride to and from work.

I wish I could breathe under water.

I wish I was at Disney World right now.

I wish some friends lived closer, or that teleportation was a thing, and I could hang out with those friends when needed.

I wish some people lived a lot farther away, like say, Neptune, so I didn’t have to see, or deal with them on a regular basis.

I wish more people in the world were happy.

I wish humanity was less angry.

I wish I could make my own clothes. (Still haven’t opened that new sewing machine. *cough*)

I wish my irrational fears weren’t so irrational.

I wish I could find the motivation to blog more often.

I wish I didn’t only think of great things to blog about as I am falling asleep at night.

I wish I could blog via telepathy.

I wish I could travel back in time.

I wish I could quit you. (But I don’t want to.)

I wish I knew why both of my dogs are currently staring at me. I don’t have food. They have food. It’s freaking me out, yo.

I wish I had someone to write indie folk pop songs with.

I wish wishes came true.

i am

…a dreamer.

…not tall.


…an extroverted introvert; or an introverted extrovert. I want to be alone & quiet, but also need to socialize.

…extremely sensitive.


…irrationally terrified of being eaten by a shark after the plane I am on crashes into the ocean.

…completely aware of how irrational that fear is.

…also terrified of spiders, and squirrels.

…capable of feeling completely alone while surrounded by a group of people.

…someone who is slow to trust, but once I do, I will be loyal ’til the end of time.

…a girl who doesn’t wear make-up, but loves having bright, candy-coloured hair.


…still struggling with the “what do I want to do with my life” question.

…anxious, shy, suspicious.

…jaded and cynical.

…still naive enough to expect the best of others, therefore so often brokenhearted.

…easily distrac–

…someone who loves sparkly things.

…desperate for a new tattoo. The idea is a work-in-progress, but I’m almost there.

…a lover of words, and magic.




…my biggest fan!

…my own worst enemy.

…currently listening to Taylor Swift albums on repe-ee-ee-eeet.

…convinced that Taylor Swift is the spirit animal to Teenage Me.

…emotionally motivated.

…someone who snorts when she laughs.


…thankful for my friends and how they help me get through my lows and highs.

…a girl who will always have Finnish Lapphunds.

…learning to love myself.

…a voracious reader.

…overzealous at times.

…not particularly interesting, but I am rather particular.

…whimsical. Fun. Funny. Loud. Quiet. Self-confident & insecure. Happy. Angry. Scared. Brave.

I am… me.