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taunted by squirrels

My poor Jinx puppy is a Lappie of high standards. One of the things that offends him deeply is the existence of squirrels. Just this morning, I looked up and saw a huge, fluffy squirrel tail right outside our living room window. The squirrel had the nerve to be on our windowsill trying to hide food in the flower box for the winter. Of course I drew Jinx’s attention to said offensive act  and he ran from the backdoor (where he was keeping a vigilant watch for squirrels in the back yard) to the front window and nearly had an aneurysm. Seriously. He was foaming at the mouth in outrage!

Little Sophie had no clue what was going on, but she happily bounded around, wagging her tail and trying to look out the window, too. If Jinx was excited about something she had to be excited, too! YAY! Something is HAPPENING! THIS IS SO MUCH FUN!!! (What’s going on?) I DON’T CARE! YAY!!!

Once Jinx was back on all fours and looking at me with a mix of  “How rude!” and “I am so proud of the way I protected you!” on his face, I couldn’t help but give him a treat. After all, squirrels are terrifying and he did save my life. Sophie, of course, still had no idea what was going on, so she put two and two together (Let’s see… Jinx got all huffy and whiny and grumbly about something and Mummy gave him a cookies. I can do this!) so she barked once at me and pranced around. Of course she got a treat, too.

I really wish that the front window episode didn’t happen so fast and I was able to get a photo or video of it. Drat.

BUT! The squirrels were not to be deterred from their winter preparations! Oh, no! Just moments ago, Jinx started freaking out again (which of course scared the crap out of me since it was so quiet up until then) and even managed to somehow OPEN THE SCREEN DOOR in his outburst! I figured there was a squirrel on the back fence (as is the norm) and got up, scolded Jinx with all my might and made him go lie on his bed at the other end of the room. Only while closing the glass door over the screen did I notice the lone peanut sitting about a foot and half away from the door.


Next thing I knew, there was a little squirrel face peering at me from around the corner of the railing by the deck steps. I grabbed my phone and in my indecision over whether or not to take photo or video, I almost missed this:

Oh, yes! Mr. Billionaire Jinx Puppy’s outburst was justified! That little squirrely bugger was RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIS FACE!

That’s just beyond rude.

(Although, I was upset at Jinx for the outburst, I was more scared of the fact that the screen door opened before I realized it was him that did it. I thought someone was breaking in!)

The nerve of some creatures. Seriously.

Mr. Proper Lappie (aka – Billionaire Jinx Puppy) shall don his top hat and monocle and make sure this doesn’t ever happen again. How offensive.

My husband made a warning sign for those evil little rodents…

Take note.


  • Sars

    Velcro Dog says Jinx is right to dislike squirrels. He also is not fond of squirrels. Or foxes. Or horses. But what you really need to watch out for is cats…

    Cats are the living embodiment of all that is evil. Cats will ruin the world. The four horsemen of the apocalypse are probably actually four catmen (men who ride on cats, not cat-human hybrids). Velcro Dog is on a mission to rid the world of the vile feline infestation.

    Birds, he says, are fine. He likes them.

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